We Should None Of Us Be More Cruel Than…

OK, this guy is in the scriptorium, not the choir like the article mentions. Have you any idea how difficult it is to find an image of a monk sleeping in in a choir? Oh,honestly, I do all this work for no thanks. Well thank you very much, you ungrateful b…..(continued for 6000 words)

…one who shakes into wakefulness their brother or sister in the night-time choir.

We all of us nod off, whether through sickness, tiredness or laziness.

It is not in the gift of us fallen critters to be holier than thou/them. They are not wicked, they are just weak and foolish, as are we.

“Forgive them Father, for they do not know what they do”.

God grant me the Grace to be as forgiving as Jesus in His Passion!


About Brother Burrito

A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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4 Responses to We Should None Of Us Be More Cruel Than…

  1. That is a great picture! I have never gone searching for sleeping choir monks, but yes, I know how hard it can be to find just the right image. That one certainly works quite well!


  2. Toad says:

    Well, you might start by being a bit more forgiving to Toad, Brother Burron.

    In “Hello” Magazine’s editorial office in Madrid, a cartoon was pinned to the wall. It showed a monk working on an elegant illuminated script and shouting very angrily at another monk: “Deadline? Nobody told me there was any ****ing deadline!”


  3. golden chersonnese says:

    Reminds me a little of a cartoon I saw in the 70s. One especially long-bearded flowing-robed Greek monk, with quill pen poised over parchment, sits beside a Doric pillar with a sign on it announcing “First Pan-Orthodox Council in 1000 years to commence soon”.

    He turns to his brother monk and says, “Indecent haste! I haven’t finished the minutes on the last one yet.”


  4. kathleen says:


    But nodding off in choir, in the Holy ‘House’ of the Lord, conjures up the beautiful image of a little child who falls asleep in the safe arms of its father! No one would be so cruel as to wake it, would they?
    (Inspired by St. Therese of Lisieux’s meditations….. who found she would sometimes doze after early morning lauds.)

    Surely it is no sin!


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