5 Responses to We Want Christianity Without the Cross

  1. kathleen says:

    As the Church continues preaching the truth, it may very well face empty pews, hatred, and even persecution in the near future.”

    Well, I agree with the “hatred” and “persecution” for the Church as it continues to preach the truth; that is happening right now, and always has done so. But I completely disagree that She will face “empty pews” for this!! In fact I believe it is quite the opposite.

    Yes, OK, there are those who will leave, finding some of the Church’s teaching “too hard” – and the author reminds us of the disciples of Jesus, who found the teaching of Holy Communion too difficult to accept – but the great majority of the millions of Catholics throughout the world want the Church to proclaim the TRUTH, the whole Truth.
    Some teachings might be “hard”; they might be challenging; they may require sacrifice and penance…. IOW, the Cross! But they are the pointers to a real and living Faith. Something worth dying for. The Pearl of Great Price.

    Not a wishy-washy and banal Church. Not agreeing with everyone (that ends up meaning agreeing with no one!) so as not to ‘offend’. Not the Church of ‘nice’ and ‘easy’.
    This type of Faith attracts nobody except the most feeble-minded…. and even then, only for a while. Why? Because it’s spineless and boring.
    It was this that emptied the pews in the terrible aftermath of Vatican II.

    Let’s hope we have learnt the lesson.


  2. Frere Rabit says:

    McCavity, a word of advice. You need to spend a short time settling into a new place before you start challenging long established residents with your demands for explanations and justifications. Why not simply ask a polite question instead?

    Kathleen is tough enough to take you to task herself, but i find your tone as a newcomer a little too brash..


  3. Brother Burrito says:

    Perhaps you should challenge issues and discuss with people instead. That is what normal human beings do, who also meet aggression with understanding and fantasy with insight.


  4. Toad says:

    Yer. Get them knees brown, Mac. Eh Rabit?


  5. kathleen says:

    Thanks Rabit.

    I shall try to tackle Mr. McCavity‘s rather belligerent questions. But you know what….? I don’t think he’s really interested in my answers (that are pretty evident from what I have written anyway) but more in, er…. stirring things up perhaps?

    McC: “Are you an opponent of Vatican II, Kathleen?”

    Nope, at least not in the official documents that came out of the Council.

    “If so, what are your objections?”

    Like most Catholics who love their Church with a passion, many things were undertaken after Vatican II that had nothing to do with the Council’s pastoral letters, and Catholics were left feeling confused and bereft. I was only a small child at the time, but I am fully aware of what was inexplicably torn away from us. [To clarify, take another look at our recent CP&S article: Michael Voris’s “What happened?”, which explains the ‘objections’ of most of us.]

    One more thing: nothing about the fullness of Faith in the Catholic Church is either ‘boring’ or ‘spineless’, only the weak, light imitation of the true Faith. Sadly one can find this in some parishes that have abandoned the sacred for the banal, both in the Liturgy at Holy Mass, and in its lop-sided teachings of the Catechism of the Church, (e.g. leaving aside anything seen as ‘unpleasant’ or too traditional.) This is where you will find most of the ’empty pews’, not in parishes where the priest is a faithful son of the Church who obeys Our Blessed Lord’s command to “feed My sheep”.


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