A Brief Update on the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate


Further news on the situation with the FFI’s from the horse’s mouth and another perspective here.

It seems that the houses that want to celebrate the Old Mass are already seeking permission to do so; we will have to evaluate what answer they are given.

They also give the clear view that this is not an erosion of SP, just the resolution of a situation that has developed within their order.

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21 Responses to A Brief Update on the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate

  1. Frere Rabit says:

    That is a useful link, Raven. Unfortunately, even though it comes from the FFI it is not from the mouth of the horse. The horse is a Trojan Capuchin one. I am not going to comment further on the matter here but I have my own sources and the situation is dire.


  2. Gertrude says:

    We will indeed evaluate the answer ‘they’ are given. There was a time when differences within religious congregations where resolved within those congregations; it was not usually necessary to rescind a Motu Proprio given by a former pope.
    This will have repercussions in the UK – I am thinking particularly of the community of Laherne who have been praying, and good pious folk contributing to the wish to remain within the realms of tradition.


  3. 000rjbennett says:

    In the link that The Raven provides, Father Maximilian writes, “Pope Francis has not forbidden the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite to the Franciscans Friars of the Immaculate.”

    That brings to mind Bill Clinton’s famous, “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

    In this case, it depends on what the meaning of the word “forbid” is.


  4. TerryC says:

    Meanwhile they should celebrate the NO in Latin, ad orientum, both valid options in its celebration.


  5. JabbaPapa says:

    Meanwhile they should celebrate the NO in Latin, ad orientum, both valid options in its celebration.

    That is, reportedly, their backup plan should their requests for permission to give the TLM be denied.


  6. johnhenrycn says:

    Well good, that’s sorted 😉
    But seriously, while the concerns of those particularly attached to the old form deserve respect and attention – gee whiz, this is only the second day since the kerfuffle came to our attention. I, for one, intend to wait for a more patient, calm, sober analysis of the situation, which includes waiting to hear what the Holy See has to say about it. Badmouthing the Pope, which some have actually done, saying we don’t need him, that he’s declared his hand, that the Church is in schism, etc. are exactly the types of histrionics which create ill will while adding exactly zilch to our understanding of what’s really going on.


  7. Frere Rabit says:

    I never said we don’t need the Pope. In any case, there’s another one just a short walk across the garden if this one doesn’t know what it’s all about. Belt & braces. We never had it so good.


  8. johnhenrycn says:

    …and I never said that you said “we don’t need the Pope”. It was another person, your other pal, Giovanni, who favoured us with that smigen of wisdom at 23:26 yesterday on the Important News from Rorate Caeli thread; but you’re the author of one of the other precipitate pronouncements that I refer to.


  9. Brother Burrito says:

    Has anyone else entertained the thought that this manoeuvre by Pope Francis will lead to the widespread reporting of exactly which Ordinaries are opposed to the EF?

    I cannot think of a better way of disclosing this information to the public domain.

    The “Wisdom of Solomon” Award goes to…. {opens envelope}




  10. Frere Rabit says:

    “you’re the author of one of the other precipitate pronouncements that I refer to”

    Balderdash. I never said it was going to rain.


  11. johnhenrycn says:

    “There, there, Mr Holmes, you’re still the best detective ever.”


  12. Brother Burrito says:

    Rabit and JH,

    It weren’t me wot moderated you earlier, but may I just say that here in Llareggub, talking about precipitation is the only fun we get.

    Count thyselves lucky!


  13. johnhenrycn says:

    Last comment (^) was in reference to Burrito’s forensic skills, but also wish to add that the illustration at the top of the thread is a powerful and moving one. Don’t know if it’s ‘Great Art’ or not.


  14. johnhenrycn says:

    …and God bless us, one and all, especially our Holy Father, on this, the eve of the feast of St Ignatius. May the founder of his order whisper in his ear tonight the eternal truths of tradition.


  15. Brother Burrito says:

    Well thanks JH, though it was hardly ‘forensic’ skills at work. Call me biased and Jesuitical, but I strongly believe that “Obedience keeps the rules, Love knows when to break them”.

    Ordinary Catholics like us must stay loyal to the Pope at all times and in all places, unless Love dictates otherwise.

    Love is in the souls of the beholden.

    Hopefully, Raven will tell us about the image. I thought it was St John of the Cross in his dark night, but am most likely wrong.

    (I believe it is fashionable here these days to add the suffix “probably” to every supposition. Am I right?)


  16. johnhenrycn says:

    “I believe it is fashionable here these days to add the suffix “probably” to every supposition. Am I right?”

    …only if you’re of the amphibious persuasion. I’d take him to task for it, but I think I’d better lie low for now 😉


  17. Frere Rabit says:

    “I believe it is fashionable here these days to add the suffix “probably” to every supposition. Am I right?”

    Prolly correct, yes.


  18. johnhenrycn says:

    Here’s a July 30th report from the Catholic News Agency concerning the FFI situation, which some may not have seen yet.

    You might wish to also look at the comment in reply posted by Fr John Polis of the FFI


  19. Frere Rabit says:

    The painting is Zurbaran, St Francis.


  20. Frere Rabit says:

    I was interested to know more about the reported closeness of the FI sisters to SSPX and the centrality of the EF to their way of life, and it was suggested by a friend in Rome that I read this excellent article on the Tridentine Mass by Mother Francesca Perillo, Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate.


    It’s in Italian. Google translates it badly but you can get the gist here



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