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Franciscans of the Immaculate and the crisis within the Church: why we cannot remain silent (by Alessandro Gnocchi – Mario Palmaro)

 As so often happens with tragedies, it is the details that give the idea of their enormity, and the case of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, to whom a commissioner is being sent, is no exception.

 The detail is there, towards the end of the decree of the Commission for the Institutes of Consecrated Life signed by the secretary, the Franciscan Josè Rodriguez Carballo. It states:

“Lastly, it is up to the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate to reimburse the expenses sustained by the said Commissary and by his collaborators, who will be nominated by him, as well as to pay the fee for their service.”

Just like that, with a slash that calls to mind the use of the totalitarian regimes in charging the families of those who are condemned, with the cost of the bullets used for their execution. The image could also seem to be strong, but it is the clamorous significance of the event which suggests this.

In a single move, not only has the Founder of a flourishing order and the General Council which assists him been deprived of their authority, but also the Motu proprio of Benedict XVI which liberates the celebration of the Mass in the Gregorian rite, the Pope who issued it, and the Mass itself. Because, after the details of the expenses had been laid upon the victim of an unjust action, there is the final lunge: “the Holy Father Francis has established that every religious of the Congregation of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate has to celebrate the liturgy according to the ordinary right and that the use of the extraordinary form (Vetus Ordo) must be explicitly authorised by the competent authorities, for every religious and/or community which makes such a request.”

Being the only explicit order contained in the document, it is therefore evident that this is the problem: the Mass in the ancient rite. And to what the terrible vice of celebrating such rite leads, the commissary, Fr. Fidenzio Volpi explains, in his letter of introduction composed of the meek salutation ‘Peace and Good!’ in which he gives an extremely long quotation from the reigning Pontiff and a brief ending which exhorts with a threat: “I believe I need add nothing to a thought of Pope Francis which is so clear and pressing.”

According to Fr. Volpi, the terrible vice of the ancient rite would lead to the crime of “ecclesiality”: a concept which says everything and nothing. Perhaps, in order to understand what this term contains, it is necessary to think about what happened in Rio di Janeiro during the World Youth day, precisely when the Franciscans of the Immaculate came to be commissioned. It is enough to think, to give one example only, of what the media have baptized “the Woodstock of the Church,” of the grotesque exhibition of bishops who dance the Flashmob: a spectacle which not even an actor of the golden age would have been able to stage.

If this is “ecclesiality,” it can be understood why the Franciscans of the Immaculate violate it constantly: they wear the habit, fast and do penance, pray, celebrate the Mass, practice and teach a rigorous morality, go to the missions to bring Christ before the aspirin, they do not fight against Aids with condoms, they have a Marian doctrine which does not please the separated brothers of every order and degree. And then they are poor and humble in deed instead of in word. Apart from all that, the disciplinary resoluteness with regard to this institute leaves us in amazement only to a certain point. Certainly such harshness is amazing in the context of the contemporaneous Church.

A Church in which, once the bell had been rung for the break, recreation began which no one has been able to end. In the dioceses and religious congregations around the world all kinds of things happen: they teach doctrine with is not Catholic, praise liberation theology, are disturbed by the discipline and rules of the ancient orders, and contest the authority of the Church.

There are entire “national churches” which sign en masse appeals for the abolition of celibacy, or for the acceptance of a female priesthood, churches in which the habitual cohabitation of parish priests has become a normal fact which is tolerated by the hierarchy. A Church in which only the most naïve of persons are able to rejoice because of the three million participants of the World Youth day, whilst in reality the ship of Peter advances into the stormy sea without a precise destination. And if this is not enough, on the ship the crewmembers are few. Whilst the Congregation for the religious Institutes uses these methods with the Franciscans of the Immaculate who have many vocations in all the continents, in a great part of the other religious families there is a frightful crisis. Whilst at Rome they are anxious to impede the Franciscan Friars from celebrating the Mass which for centuries formed saints and sanctity, Carmelites and Dominicans, Cistercians and Carthusians enter by right to form part of the protected species of the World Wildlife Fund.

But in this panorama, for the Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life, the problem is the Franciscans of the Immaculate, who celebrate using the two forms permitted by the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum; with the result that the prohibition to celebrate the ancient rite establishes a rule on the Mass which overrides that which is contained in the document of Benedict XVI. Evidently, this disciplinary action is to be inserted in an anti-ancient Mass act of a wider spectrum contained in the hazy concept of “ecclesiality.” A plan that is not disposed to acknowledge that the Mass in the Gregorian rite is even capable of producing the spiritual fruits that the extemporaneous magisterium of Pope Francis has acknowledged regarding the Muslim’s Ramadan.

And yet, the liturgical field is that in which the laissez faire of Rome has reached the highest peak of tragicomedy: priests who dance and sing popular songs whilst they celebrate a marriage, bishops who, whilst being televised worldwide, fling themselves about as if in a Alpine village, prelates who celebrate the novus ordo letting ciboria and sacred hosts be raised by embarrassed young girls wearing shorts, priests who accompany the consecration with marvellous soap bubbles… And the problem on which they concentrate their disciplinary action would be the Franciscans of the Immaculate who celebrate the ancient Mass. It is necessary to recognise that, unfortunately, there is logic in all this.

To conclude, the processional modalities of the inquest leave one perplexed. Rome has been called to intervene by a group of religious dissidents of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. The accused, however, have not been able to examine the cards which would show that they had entered upon a pre-conciliar drift. Therefore they have not enjoyed that elementary right of defence which consists in knowing, in detail, the charges and the head of the accusation. Moreover, the Vatican Congregation wants to impede the Franciscans from making an appeal, opposing the direct will of the Pope as the basis of the disciplinary action. In conclusion, from a formal point of view, the post-council Church of mercy, when it wants, knows how to brush up on the methods of the holy inquisition.

Let us believe and hope that the Franciscans of the Immaculate will make a canonical appeal and strongly defend their rights as priests of the Catholic Church to celebrate the Mass also in the ancient rite. Because, if these excellent friars should ever accept the diktat, soon other more severe repressions towards those who in the world celebrate and follow the Mass of the ages, would follow. The unjust exercise of power bases its strength on the silence of its victims and even claims their consent. But history teaches that it is those who before injustices did not remain silent, got the better of it, because contesting an unjust act legitimately means to shake to its foundations the power which has imposed it. The time to speak has arrived. (Alessandro Gnocchi – Mario Palmaro) 

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  1. cc70458 says:

    This apparent oppression of the Extraordinary Form mass is not limited to this draconian action. It is happening all over where the Catholic Church is experiencing a renewal of traditional Catholic orthodoxy. It’s being driven by young people with families (large ones) who follow ALL the teachings of the church in their daily lives, and older “traddies” who love TLM. Such mass groups while permitted are hidden from the average parishioner, not put into church bulletins, and very often maligned by Novus Ordo participants who try to tell others that such masses are schismatic. The part of this that is sad is that the very renewal the church is seeking far and wide in the US is happening beneath their feet and some bishops seem to be missing it. I will pray for their bishop and the order that they may persevere in obedience, and for the order itself that this change does not lead to derisiveness or further division – taking attention away from God to squabble amongst themselves.

    Read about my personal experiences with this issue here:

    Yours in Christ,


  2. Toad says:

    It seems increasingly apparent that The Church is rapidly heading for a new ‘Reformation’ in which the Trads will play the role the Lutherans and Calvinists played originally, while the Mods will be left in charge of the Vatican.

    Where will the Trads set up HQ?


  3. cc70458 says:

    The real “SPLIT” is between the cafeteria Catholics and the orthodox catholics. I’ve gotten comments about my family size from the cafeteria crowd and I only have 4 – many orthodox families have 4+ children. To be honest – I see no reason the two cannot coexist. The Catholic Church is already a “Big Tent”. The split you mentioned already occurred with the SSPX which is alive and well. You have to remember that we are here because we believe the Pope to be Peter’s successor (The SSPX think he’s a false pope -and all since Vatican II have been false). Pope Benedict already declared Summorum Pontificum that the bishops should make the Latin Mass available to the people wherever possible.

    The American Bishops very real problems in doing so are the needs to train musicians and choirs to perform the music, train altar boys (TLM requires a tremendous amount more from the altar boys), Train the priests in Latin (Not taught in seminaries for some years now), train the priests to perform the mass correctly (takes months of practice for most), and of course in the case of many churches rearrange the altar and install a rail (even if it’s just lined up kneelers). Add to that the anger of many “Charismatic Renewal” Catholics who make a big ruckus over even one mass a month (out of 3 a day) being done in the Extraordinary form because it tends to cut into their numbers and they feel like the church is going backwards and want even more modernism than Vatican II allowed.

    There needs to be a balancing act done – there is no reason both sides can’t be accommodated. From what I have seen personally, the Latin Mass goers actually support the church fiscally – strongly and regularly – where the typical moderns will throw $2 in the plate and be happy (but they tip the waiter when they eat out after mass $20). Our Latin Mass Group shares a Parish Building and a Priest with a regular parish, and we do a group meal (FREE, WE VOLUNTEER TO DO THIS – NO DONATIONS) after mass because it is a noon mass and after keeping the fast, the kids need to eat, adults need to talk and socialize, and parishioners need to get to know one another. This lack of community is a big part of what people hunger for and it’s so very essential that we have a supportive community under us when you start to live the faith in an orthodox fashion.


  4. Frere Rabit says:

    It seems increasingly popular for groups of Catholics to define themselves and others with labels that have their origins in secular politics etc. “Cafeteria Catholics”, “traddies”, “liberals”, “modernisers”, and so on. The Catholic Church is a “big tent”? Spare me all the political jargon please. You will find me in the beer tent,


  5. sixupman says:

    “Catholic Husband” – cc70458″:

    Your SSPX comment is incorrect, they are not Sedevacantist and never have been, some under the thrall of +Williamson may have had such tendency.


  6. Roger says:

    Emmerich saw the two churches in early 1800’s. There are two foundations in the Church.
    1/ The Bible.
    2/ Sacred Tradition.
    Tradition should not be confused with Tridentine. But Tridentine is of course along the line of tradition because it grew out of and was united to tradition.
    No Pope for instance can go against the Dogmas of his predecessors because this goes against Papal Infallibility, it would imply error in the teaching of the Church.
    Tradition is simply the Faith of Our Fathers extending back to the Apostles and indeed sacred traditions that existed before the coming of Our Lord.
    Since the 1960’s there has been a schism in the Church between those who have cut themselves off from Tradition and those who remain with Tradition. Modernism is a man made religion centred on man that has severed connection to sacred tradition. Modernism clearly if in majority will produce Bishops and Cardinals and logically its own Popes. The schism exists and it is not as if this hasn’t been seen before in the Past. The Church is living its Passion as seen with that part of the third secret that has been released.


  7. sixupman says:

    Since Vatican II we have witnessed the rise of “National (Catholic) Churches” with only a tenuous deference to Rome and the Papacy. Francis appears to support that assertion by his comments of ‘non-interference’!


  8. Roger says:

    Why add to the confusion which already exists? Satan entered the Church (Paul VI) and wasn’t expelled. Father Malachy Martin said that Satan had been Enthroned in the Vatican June 1963, nobody in Authority ever refuted this.
    No traditionalist can or would ever deny the Pope! But the Holy Ghost does not work through excommunicated Prelates (excommunication means not in the Church, not a member of the Church). If the weeds and the wheat are not separated the harvest will be chocked.
    The test for an Authentic Pope is sacred Tradition because No Pope can deny the Papal Infallibilty of his predecessors. That is the test of an Authentic Pope, No Catholic can follow any Prelate who denies sacred tradition because that Prelate will be a wolf in sheeps clothing.
    Nobody wants to hear this off course, but the time is coming fo a division and cleansing in the Church and what is rotten will Fall. If this means the hidden catacombs then so be it always place and serve God before Man.


  9. sixupman says:

    Perhaps, but repeating the ‘myth’ regarding SSPX does not help. For the record I do not attend SSPX chapels, but that does not stop me from recognising the truth of their (official) status and position. In the whole of my diocese (Salford) there is one diocesan Sunday Old Rite Mass; one Saturday noon Mass; one Friday evening Mass, one Wednesday evening Mass. All at different churches and different Celebrants. There is also one Sunday SSPX Mass. The diocese, de facto, suppresses the Old Rite Mass.

    Please keep to the facts regarding “excommunicated prelates”.


  10. kathleen says:

    Let us believe and hope that the Franciscans of the Immaculate will make a canonical appeal and strongly defend their rights as priests of the Catholic Church to celebrate the Mass also in the ancient rite.”

    That is my hope too… and that of the majority of us ‘Catholics in the pews’ who love Tradition and tradition (if you know what I mean), with the Church’s timeless, holy and ancient liturgy being so much a part of both. How can such an important part of our ‘lex orandi’ be pushed aside (as many fear this move will be the beginning of) in a single stroke? It is unthinkable and unbelievable.

    This whole situation with the FFI is deeply troubling and upsetting, and although I know it is a difficult and even a bit of a flimsy argument to say “we must keep calm”, I still feel we must.
    Even after reading almost every available article and comment on the topic in the last few days – and the situation is indeed dire – I see it as the only thing to do until we see how this startling and greatly disturbing dictum plays out.

    But that does mean we should REMAIN SILENT. Not at all. Our fears and disagreement with this blatant affront to the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum should be clearly voiced and broadcast.
    After which we must pray and trust that the Holy Spirit will guide Pope Francis to realise the great injustice and error of this pronouncements of this so-called ‘Commission’.


  11. JabbaPapa says:

    It seems increasingly apparent that The Church is rapidly heading for a new ‘Reformation’ in which the Trads will play the role the Lutherans and Calvinists played originally, while the Mods will be left in charge of the Vatican.

    Rubbish, Toad, only a tiny handful of extremists wish anything of the sort.


  12. Roger says:

    Yes Kathleen correct get behind those who clearly are with sacred Tradition. At the Nuremburg Trials the judgement was against blind obedience that is obeying just like the majority of Prelates did in England 1534.
    I point at Fatima and 1960 fudge and disobedience since and the argument used is precisely the same as Annais and Caiphas expediency. In fact the Annas and Caiphas parrallel Benedict and Francis.
    Compassion and Love yes but this argument is rumbling along and there is a considerable majority that would like to rid themselves of tradition to make the Church relevant today. But sacred tradition is one of the two pillars of the Church and the Holy Ghost through Popes and Councils and Holy Doctors has developed Our understanding of the Faith.
    No Sin can enter Heaven and the wages of Sin are death. What is defined as Sin and heresy with anathemas remains thats true Obedience.
    Catholic is for All that is Our Fathers Our Sons All in the same One Universal Faith those that reject sacred tradition are not Catholic by definition. Ask a simply question wjhy were the Church’s the altars the rites wrong for 2000 yers?


  13. Roger says:

    Excommunicated Prelates well anyone who holds beliefs that have been anathematized and condemned which is one of the reasons why traditionally the training of the priests was over such a long time span. Sin remains sin and you can’t be a Freemason and a Catholic because that has been condemned again an again by a line of Popes.
    Obedience cannot be to heresy or heretical beliefs. Emmerich saw excommunicated prelates and was told babel.
    Look I am not just going on and on to be Catholic means the Sacred Tradition from Our Lord through the Apostles, through the Popes, Councils and Holy Doctors this is the work of the Holy Ghost and The Bible ( and again not just any translation). The Church is the mystical Body Of Christ and he is Sinless understand there can be NO Sin in the mystical Body. The Sacraments are to heal poor sinners to keep them in the Church. So Excommunicated Prelates were outed in 1960 because they were Masons and nothing was done; is it any wonder we have problems today.


  14. Toad says:

    “Rubbish, Toad, only a tiny handful of extremists wish anything of the sort.”

    “A tiny handful of extremists” managed to get total control of Germany in 1933, Jabba..

    Karl Popper, an Austrian Jew, who had to flee, afterwards pointed out to anyone who would listen: “Never say, ‘It can’t happen here.’ Because it can.”


  15. Frere Rabit says:

    Kathleen and all others expressing concern about thesituation with FFI, please read the following statement made four hours ago. The source is Fr. Rosario M. Sammarco, fi, who is in charge of the FFI website:


    Having learned of the online petition organized by the website of the Association “Corrispondenza Romana” in order to gather signatures to be presented to the Prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life against the Decree of 11 July 2013 (Prot. 52741/2012), after having already expressed its position several times and after having released the official communication of its Father Founder, the Religious Institute of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate REAFFIRMS its obedience to the dispositions of the Holy Father, DECLARES that it will have NOTHING TO DO with the initiative of the aforesaid website or any like initiative, past or future, REJECTS any attempt to use a matter internal to the Institute to attack the Pope and the Catholic Hierarchy, and APPEALS TO ALL to maintain SILENCE, RESPECT AND PRAYER regarding the matter, in order to allow the competent authorities to carry out their task in peace for the good of the Church and of the Institute.

    In Corde Matris
    Fr. Rosario M. Sammarco, fi
    Encharged of the Institutional Website of the Franciscans Friars of the Immaculate


  16. Roger says:

    Yes Toad a handful in Germany BUT under written by Money and that is the least known side of what happened in Germany President Bush Grand Father was part of the financial support given to Hitler.
    Lenin and Trotsky also received huge financial support from Wall Street and Switzerland
    The Bank Of England handed Czechoslovak gold to Hitler six months before England went to War. .
    The Issue over FFI isn’t off course an internal matter is it? As much perhaps as they would like it to be and of course nobody is attacking the Church on the contrary we are all bound to defend the Faith of Our Fathers.
    Unfortunately the cat is already out of the bag is it not?


  17. Toad says:

    “Lenin and Trotsky also received huge financial support from Wall Street and Switzerland.”

    It would hardly seem to be in Wall Street’s interest, to do such a thing, on the face of it, Roger.
    But I don’t know.
    The most extraordinary things do happen, as we frequently see.
    However, what are your sources here?

    What would Wall Street have to gain by backing Communism and thereby wiping out people who had invested in Russian stocks?


  18. Roger says:

    Trotsky was detained for two weeks by the Canadians leaving USA on route for Russia. Lenin as you know travelled from Switzerland in the Iron Train. Russia was about to be taken out of the War and this would free the Kaiser on his Eastern Front. The evidence is well known and documented Toad.
    Capitalism and Socialism (includes Communism) you find coming out of Holland in 16th century (read Belloc) Notice how after the supposed fall of Communism the new very very weath Capitalists carved up Russia and its Gas etc. resources.
    Do not be naive over this.
    Remember the 33 pieces of silver!
    Fatima is much much more profound than people give credit for. Why specify 1960? Why Prophesy WW II which ended with fire from Heaven (the Bomb).


  19. Toad says:

    Yes, Roger, we know all that, but what financial aid did Wall Street ever give Lenin?


  20. Roger says:

    Jacob Schiff $20 million in gold transferred to Nya Banken Sweden (per New York Journal American Feb 3 1949). Lenin $5 million in Gold from German Government negotiated by Max Warburg.Lenin permitted to cross Germany to Sweden to pick up the money deposited there.The deal took Russia out of the War against Germany. Appreciate this was October 1917 (Fatima miracle 13th October 1917) .
    Churchill in an article in Illustrated Sunday Herald 1920 tied the Russina and French Revolution together.
    Russia was a Christian Country whose Christianity was deliberately destroyed by Atheist Communism.
    Sir George Buchannan and Lord Milner were also identified behind the Russian Revolution.


  21. Toad says:

    “Churchill in an article in Illustrated Sunday Herald 1920 tied the Russina and French Revolution together.”
    That can’t have been too hard, can it, Roger? They were both revolutions.
    “Russia was a Christian Country whose Christianity was deliberately destroyed by Atheist Communism.”
    You won’t get too much argument on that one, I think

    As to the rest of it…are you really suggesting American Capitalism approved of Communism, and funded it? If not, don’t you think the bankers (no doubt a cabal of Masons and Jews) involved made a bit of an error?


  22. Roger says:

    Fatima is profound and reveals a incisive brilliant mind with a knowledge and understanding of this age that strips away the PR facade. Belloc saw in Holland 16th the serfdom being recreated by capitalism behind the Reformers. Today the same Global Capitalism and its Socialist hand has spread its Evils around the world. Why wasn’t Russia expressly Consecrated by Every Bishop in the World?
    Churchill recorded in HANSARD! Who needs Dan Brown.
    In a speech to the House of Commons on November 5, 1919 Winston Churchill said:
    “…Lenin was sent into Russia … in the same way that you might send a vial containing a culture of typhoid or of cholera to be poured into the water supply of a great city, and it worked with amazing accuracy. No sooner did Lenin arrive than he began beckoning a finger here and a finger there to obscure persons in sheltered retreats in New York, Glasgow, in Berne, and other countries, and he gathered together the leading spirits of a formidable sect, the most formidable sect in the world … With these spirits around him he set to work with demoniacal ability to tear to pieces every institution on which the Russian State depended.”
    Russian General Arsene DeGoulevitch wrote in Czarism and the Revolution that:
    “the main purveyors of funds for the revolution, however, were neither crackpot Russian millionaires nor armed bandits on Lenin. The ‘real’ money primarily came from certain British and American circles which for a long time past had lent their support to the Russian revolutionary cause…”
    DeGoulevitch, who received the information from another Russian general, said that the revolution was
    “…engineered by the English, more precisely by Sir George Buchanan and Lord (Alfred) Milner [of the Round Table] … In private conversations I have been told that over 21 million rubles were spent by Lord Milner in financing the Russian Revolution.”


  23. Roger says:

    Pope Leo XIII vision of the sifting of the Church for 100 years. There are ,as Father Malachy Martin pointed out, those who have given their souls to Satan in return for the things of this world. My intent here isn’t about sensation it is about the Mass which is the Perpetual Sacrifice that makes reperation to the Eternal Father. Satan’s target the Papacy! thats what Malachy Martin knew and Mass. This is a matter that is certainly not of a Private Nature it is about attempting to reverse the Victory of Our Lord on Calvary.
    Fatima is a Public Revelation for the Church in Our Day and was Disobeyed. Pope Pius XII always Obeyed Heaven and His was the Great Marian Pontificate crowned with the Dogma Of The Assumption.
    The attempt ot separate the Church from one of its foundations sacred tradition isn’t a Private matter.


  24. Roger says:

    Catholic without compromise


  25. The Raven says:

    So, Roger, your argument rests on the fact that the Germans, who were at war with the Russians, allowed a known troublemaker to cross into Russia and even lent him a few quid to help make trouble (and who repaid the Kaiser by signing the treaty of Brest-Litovsk taking Russia out of the war and allowing him to send men and munitions to the western front)?

    The answer to that has got to be “so what”? The Germans were simply acting in their own strategic interest. You’ll recall that Britain sent troops to assist the White Russians and we occupied Archangel throughout 1918-19; that’s right Roger, we went to war against Bolshevism.

    As for your Russian General, his testimony is based on something that he’d heard from another un-named Russian General: that’s hardly evidence of anything, other than the paranoia and incompetence of Russian Tsarist Generals and their wish to deflect blame for their failures onto others.

    All I can say is that I thank God for the Poles and Piłsudski, who shewed far more mettle and corked the Bolsheviks into their bottle, saving Europe in the process.


  26. Roger says:

    Raven Sadly you are misinformed. Lloyd George played a double game an official line and actually a direct line to Lenin. The key is Bruce Lockhart who was sent by Lord Milner and Lloyd George as the UK’s first envoy to the Bolsheviks. Read his memoirs of a British Agent 1932. All of this well known. The point is that Globalisation under the banner of Free Market with computers and communications flows from 60’s (think 1960) and Capitalism and Socialism (Communism) come from Reformation (read Belloc and research Holland in 16th century).
    Fatima is essential to understanding 20th century and far from being just another apparition its is the fulcrum for understanding today what is happening.

    Another quote from Churchill
    In a February 8, 1920 article for the Illustrated Sunday Herald, Churchill wrote:
    “(From) the days of Spartacus Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, to those of Trotsky, Bela-Kuhn, Rosa Luxembourg and Emma Goldman, this world-wide conspiracy … has been steadily growing. This conspiracy played a definitely recognizable role in the tragedy of the French Revolution.
    It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the nineteenth century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads, and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.
    There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the bringing about of the Russian revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews.”


  27. Roger says:

    By the way the Tsar’s were apparently in negotiation with the Vatican (19th century) over the reconciliation of Rome with Russian Orthodox, didn’t you know this? Russia was the friend of the suppressed Jesuits curiously so was England.
    You cannot comprehend 20th century without Fatima. It was Pope Pius XII who promulgated the Cult of Our Lady Of Fatima and who Obeyed Lucy over the consecration of Russia (He didn’t know that this was required to be by ALL the Bishops) You wonder why Pope Pius XII is a sign of apparent contradiction?
    We are faced today with the Disobedience of a Masonic Curia who negotiated a Vatican-Soviet Treaty and that is why Russia wasn’t Consecrated as Ordered by Heaven. Instead of doing what Heaven asked human reason and expediency has brought this crisis over the Faith which is an attempt to severe the Faith from its sacred Tradition and this is precisely what is being discussed here.
    I have been giving evidence that is in the public domain and is well known BUT this isn’t important what is important is the Faith because this is about Our Eternity Heaven? Hell? and the stark relisation that if the Mass is destroyed then the Passion becomes nullified.


  28. Roger says:

    What is happening today is that God is being expelled from the Laws of this world. The separation of State and Church. NO absolutely NO.
    God is hierachical Our Lord spoke of the Angels who do His bidding. Creation is hierachical and we see this especially in the family. The difference between the Man and the Woman and their Unity that is the family. This is the Truth over the State and the Church, difference of function But Unity under God. Notice Canon Law evidences this difference.
    The Priest isn’t just another Man he has been consecrated to God and in the sacraments becomes the instrument used by Our Lord as the Divine Doctor of our Souls.
    Ever Catholic is bound to defend the Truths of the Faith. If we correspond in Our little Way through prayers and penance we are being selfless and placing God first and Our neighbour next self last. This leads to Peace on Earth and the foundation of Heavenly Treasures. We can live selflessly and in Grace that way Our Lord lives in and through Us as vessels of His Love. Its the way of the saints.


  29. The Raven says:

    Of course we had attempted to open talks with Lenin, we were trying to get the swine to stay in the war!

    As for Churchill, you are quoting him from a time when he was advocating the gold standard and organising the Black and Tans; forgive me if I’m less than convinced of his wisdom and insight.

    Give this one up, Roger, you’re spinning a history out of nothing.


  30. Roger says:

    Raven what few understand is that the really important events especially of the Faith are not generally known. Who in Israel knew of the Birth of Our Lady? Who knew of the Visitation? Who knew of the first Pope St Peter in his time?
    Propaganda isn’t new and Lord Milner financed with others Lenin and the Russian Revolution that is Capitalists and Communists. Bruce Lockhart was Lord Milners man and protected by Lloyd George. The official line was for the Whites but the money on the Reds!
    Fatima October 1917 exactly the same month as the Russian Revolution. I trust Our Lady before propaganda. You have the public quotes that is all that is necessary from me.
    The only recorded moment of anger with Our Lord was against the bankers (money changers) in the Temple.
    St Augustine and the two cities Jerusalem (Rome) and Babel. Emmerich saw two churchs one modern ‘babel’ the work of Man (no angels nor saints) the other hidden.
    What and Why did Our Lady expressly refer to with respect to Russia? Capitalism and its experiment with Social engineering called Socialism? Because Globalisation is this Capitalist Empire is it not?


  31. Toad says:

    “Fatima October 1917 exactly the same month as the Russian Revolution.”
    It was also exactly the same month Mata Hari was shot, and Dizzy Gillespie was born. Makes you think, dunnit?
    Roger, You might as well suggest that if Fatima hadn’t happened, there would have been no Russian revolution.
    In fact, you seem to be,
    Or, contrairiwise, are you suggesting that without the Russian revolution. there would have been no Fatima?

    Anyway, what has all this got to do with pyramids?


  32. Roger says:

    No Toad Fatima and Russia (and its Evils) are linked, as was World War 1 and World War 2 and Fatima is directly linked to Pope Leo XIII vision (incidently His numerous encyclicals on the Rosary need to be read by Benedict and Francis who seem curiously reticient over the Rosary). Also in 1917 the Future Pius XII was made titular ArchBishop of Sardis . The Balfour Declaration over Palestine and the carving up of Middle East. Our Lady Of Good Success Prophecies are expressly for 20th century. Then lets not forget that Heaven always uses Prophets to deliver messages (sic the Old Testament ). Modernism was condemned and remember the Authority of the Popes proceeds from Our Lord and St Peter and papal Infallibility means that Popes are bound in spirit by their predecessors. Fatima is hanging today over the Head of Rome because it has preached Fatima and disobeyed. Deeds not words.
    Portugal in 1917 was anti clerical etc.. Fatima is at the level of the Old Testament miracles (Moses) announced in advance and seen by thousands it reveals an incisive mind that is aware of the movers and shakers of this world and expressly their goals, plans and ambitions. Remember Fatima has an outstanding Prophecy which is the Triumph of the Immaculate. Attacks on the tradition of the Faith is an attack on the Church.


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