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Full English translation of THAT press conference

Thanks to Dr Robert from The Moynihan Letters: August 3, 2013, Saturday — The Pope’s press conference, English Below, a complete English translation of the 80-minute press conference, made up of 20 questions, with Pope Francis on July 28, on … Continue reading

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A statement from the Friars of the Immaculate

With thanks to Frere Rabit for pointing this out: “… all others expressing concern about thesituation with FFI, please read the following statement made four hours ago. The source is Fr. Rosario M. Sammarco, fi, who is in charge of … Continue reading

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Mass of Christian Burial: Ecclesial crisis on display.

from:http://www.harvestingthefruit.com Make no mistake about it: The Church in our day is in the midst of a terrible, and in many ways unprecedented, crisis of faith. This objective reality, however, is largely lost on the overwhelming majority of Catholics, both … Continue reading

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“Without you, O God, “nothing has firm foundation” – Bishop Mark Davies

A Pastoral Letter  read in all churches and chapels of the Diocese of Shrewsbury on the Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time, 28th July 2013 My dear brothers and sisters, Since the first missionaries sent by Pope Gregory arrived on the … Continue reading

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Through A Visor Darkly

Our window on the world, and therefore our perception of it is easily and often mired with accretions. These may be greasy smudges on our spectacles, shredded vegetation on our gardening goggles while strimming, or as in the above picture … Continue reading

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