Even on Mount Tabor, Mary Kept a Low Profile


In the most glorious moments of Jesus’ life—on Mount Tabor, at his entrance into Jerusalem, or when he performed miracles—Mary kept a low profile.

Only at times of the greatest danger and sadness is she present and her courage made explicit: the flight into Egypt, the road of the passion—where her heart was broken at the sight of her Son’s Cross—and in the Upper Room during the Last Supper, where she prayed. She didn’t live for herself, but for the Lord and for the redemption of mankind.

She prayed with the apostles and she prayed for them too. She prepared herself for the coming of the Holy Spirit. Thus she was completely ready to witness the birth of the Church, and in a sense she gave birth to the Church with her Son Jesus. She is truly the Mother of the Church.

Francis Xavier NGUYEN VAN THUAN, 
Sur le chemin de l’espérance, Sarment, 1991 (Road of Hope)

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4 Responses to Even on Mount Tabor, Mary Kept a Low Profile

  1. annem040359 says:

    Mary shows that focus must always be on Jesus.


  2. Roger says:

    It is impossible to separate Jesus and Mary. Whilst Our Lord showed His Glory at Tabor Our Lady is Assumed into Heaven and Crowned Queen of Heaven and Universe.
    It is Her Soul that Magnifies Our Lord and this is Gods Holy wish.
    But Elias is the Founder of Carmel and this is Our Lady’s especial Order. She is the Mother of God the Son. Daughter of God the Father and Spouse Of God the Holy Ghost.
    Our Lady told St Peter Thomas (the Great Carmelite Saint) that Elias had obtained from Our Lord on Tabor that Carmel as an Order would survive until the End Of Time. So how did Our Lady know what was discussed at Tabor?
    It is a very Protestant to underplay the role of Our Lady. Fatima expressly has the Triumph Of The Immaculate Heart of Mary.


  3. kathleen says:

    I don’t believe it is the intention of this article to “underplay the role of Our Lady”….. quite the contrary in fact! If she were not wholly HUMBLE, she would never have pointed continually to her Divine Son (rather than to herself) given the great graces Heaven had bestowed on her.
    It is true that God has elevated her to be the ‘Mediatrix of all Graces’ and thus Mary sings in the Magnificat that “from henceforth all generations shall call me Blessed”.
    Through Mary it is certain we shall find Jesus, but Mary wants those who might forget that it is Jesus Who is our Saviour, not to stop at love and veneration solely for her.

    There is a beautiful article on the Transfiguration over on the Biltrix by the way.


  4. Roger says:

    It was 68 years ago on 6th August (Transfiguration) that fire come down from Heaven (sky) Hiroshima. The city where 2/3 rd’s of Japans Catholics lived.
    Our Lady’s presence (through the daily saying of the Rosary) miraculously saved the Jesuit priests living there.
    The sad denigration even attempted confusion over Our Lady is a sickening feature of this Age.
    Its simply Our Lord is True God and True Man God is Adored!
    Our Lady is a Creature BUT without Original Sin. In other words the irredeemed. She who had never sinned didn’t require to be saved! We ask Our Lady to pray for Us!
    So where is the confusion?
    Understand that it is God’s Holy Will that We understand Our Lady. The twin Dogmas of Immaculate Conception and the Assumption are God’s teaching to 20th century. It is she that inflicts the greatest defeat on Satan, such is God’s Holy Will. Our Lord never pointed to himself but rather to the father. Our Lady never pointed to herself rather to her Son. Both Our Lod and Our Lady are SELFLESS!
    It is about time that instead of making excuses for Our Lady we started to do what Our Lord told St John behold your Mother! There has never ever been any confusion over Mary in the Catholic Faith.
    I repeat it is God’s Holy Will that a creature Mary CRUSH Satan’s Head! Anybody who plays down her God appointed Role is actually obstructing God’s Holy Will. Find the Mother you find the Child. Seek the Child alone you will not find him! Tell souls find the virgin and you will find Our Lord.


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