Celebrations in honour of St Philomena at the Dome of Home

Yesterday the church of Ss Peter, Paul and Philomena in New Brighton celebrated the feast day of St Philomena according to the traditional calendar. Mass was offered by Canon Amaury Montjean (ICKSP) in the Extraordinary Form, and was followed by veneration of the Saint’s relic and an outdoor procession with litany prayers. A new side-altar was also solemnly dedicated to St Philomena.

Below are some photos of the beautiful event – you can view the full set here.

Saint Philomena, virgin and martyr, pray for us!

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8 Responses to Celebrations in honour of St Philomena at the Dome of Home

  1. kathleen says:

    Really amazing and, yes, truly beautiful photos in your link, Maryla (mmvc)! What a wonderful event this must have been! St. Philomena, a lovely pure young saint and martyr, is a powerful interceder… as the holy St. Jean Marie Vianney, Ven Pope Pius IX, and many others have discovered.

    I followed the link to her biography from Catholic On-Line, http://www.catholic.org/saints/saint.php?saint_id=98 only to read this distressing news:
    Before the decree of the Congregation of Rites of 1961, St. Philomena was venerated and her figure was present in all the hagiography books. After 1961, not only was she removed from the liturgical calendar, but in the majority of hagiography books she was treated as a symbol for all legends. Therefore, just like the other “obscured” Saints, there were those who continued to venerate St. Philomena more than ever, while others, confused, fell by the wayside. If so many High Pontiffs have approved her cult, St. Philomena is a reality, and cannot be relegated into legend.” (The bold is mine.)

    After the recent article and discussion on CP&S, “When will my Church fell like ‘home’ once more?”, where we were deploring the unwarranted changes in traditional Catholic piety since Vatican II, this is just further evidence of the same.


  2. mmvc says:

    Kathleen, I quite agree. St John Vianney’s endorsement of St Philomena as a great wonder worker speaks volumes in itself. At Ss PP&P prayers and devotions to the shrine’s young patron saint are offered every Saturday morning after Mass. The Dome of Home really does feel like home in more ways than one.


  3. Toad says:

    “If so many High Pontiffs have approved her cult, St. Philomena is a reality, and cannot be relegated into legend.”

    …As neat an example of pragmatism as we will find in a month of Saint John Vianney days!
    (It’s true because a lot of important people said it was. So it must be.)

    Lovely pictures. Of the men.


  4. kathleen says:

    No Toad, not just because “a lot of important people” said St. Philomena is a reality does she become so, but because of the many miracles and healings that have taken place through her intercession. It is as though Heaven communicates the very truth of her sanctity in this way…. and thus many Popes (Christ’s Vicars on Earth don’t forget, with the God-given authority to bind or loose), have approved and encouraged her veneration since the discovery of her tomb in the catacombs of St. Priscilla.


  5. Frere Rabit says:

    Oh dear, he is being a rood and norty Toad again, Kathleen. Break time detention, Toad. See the BBC article, which is amazingly supportive. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-23669921 (H/T Fr Tim Finigan) What happened, is it a BBC truce for the Feast of the Assumption?


  6. Toad says:

    Toad, correctly rebuked, apologises.
    And will write out, “I must not tease Kathleen,” one hundred times.

    He should have said, “…a lot of important men.”

    ..And the sooner Philomena is restored to The Liturgical Calender and The Hagiography Book – and Guy Fawkes Day is banished – the better.

    (Historical note: In Lord Reith’s day, BBC employees who were involved in divorce were obliged to resign their positions. Of course, that was pre Vat II. But post Fatima.)


  7. kathleen says:

    Interesting link Rabit! The BBC talking pretty positively about the Catholic Church – amazing! Miracles never cease. I followed the other BBC links on the article, and although not 100% accurate, were nonetheless not too bad.

    Here’s a youtube clip on St. Philomena, with a lovely background chant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ar-y810wS8

    Toad, don’t worry about the teasing – I can take it. (K promised a long time ago that she would no longer be over-sensitive to Toad’s ‘spittle’.) 😉


  8. Toad says:

    Some say Toad’s “spittle” actually has healing, practically miraculous, qualities.
    Toad has no clue.
    But doubts it.


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