Our Lady of Mercy: September 24th

Our Lady of Mercy.

On the 24th of September we have the Feast to Our Lady of Mercy. Beautiful and consoling title! Our Lady and her Son are so great that we cannot possibly designate only one or two days in the liturgical year to Their honour. Our Lady is Mother of Mercy, Mother of that Supreme and Perfect Mercy which is one with the Eternal Wisdom of God. Having compassion on our fallen human race which was deserving of everlasting punishment, the move made by God through His Son to Redeem us was principally that of Mercy. In that marvellous invention of becoming Man in the Virgin’s womb, Mercy became Incarnate and hence another of holy Mary’s glorious titles; ‘Our Lady of Mercy.’ She is full of mercy because the Source of all mercy dwelt within Her, lived with Her and obeyed Her. As the Lord is with Her and as She is full of grace, so likewise She is also full of mercy and indeed ‘Mother of Mercy.’ This is certain in view of the fact that as Christ was animated by Divine Mercy and we might say, was the personification of Mercy, so His chosen Mother could not but otherwise be animated with the same spirit of mercy and tender commiseration for sinners.

Now as Christ intercedes for us with His Father, so Our Lady’s special office is to intercede for us with Christ. When She pleads lovingly for mercy upon some soul, Christ Who is as Just as He is Merciful, quickly stoops to hear Her prayer and in order to honour Her, gives His Mother Her request. Here we may remark the touching scene of the wedding at Canna as recorded in the Gospel. The fact is that although Christ is Supreme Mercy, yet it often takes a request of intercession from His Mother to show an even greater excess of His Mercy to certain souls. We have then in Our Lady, a powerful arm to raise us up when we find ourselves in need of grace and forgiveness. Our Lady of Mercy, Pray for us!


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