Danny And Annie

From the StoryCorps site:

Danny Perasa and his wife, Annie, came to StoryCorps to recount their twenty-seven-year romance. As they remember their life together from their first date to Danny’s final days with terminal cancer, these remarkable Brooklynites personify the eloquence, grace, and poetry that can be found in the voices of everyday people when we take the time to listen.

About Brother Burrito

A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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12 Responses to Danny And Annie

  1. johnhenrycn says:

    Wing to Wing, Oar to Oar: Readings on Courting and Marrying.

    A good book gift for middle-aged couples for whom the embers of love may be burning low.

    Give me a boat that can carry two. And both shall row, my love and I.


  2. golden chersonnese says:

    It’s a fine old melody, isn’t it, JH? It always sounds to me like a hymn tune too.

    You could always ask your parish music person to do this hymn, in 4 parts naturally.


  3. kathleen says:

    “Danny and Annie”, a moving story of marital love and devotion that endured to the bitter end.

    Sad though, that there is no mention of Jesus Christ Our Saviour, the Resurrection of the Dead, Heaven, or the hope that one day they will be reunited.


  4. Toadspitttle says:

    I got the vague impression that they were Jewish, Kathleen.
    Which would explain that.


  5. golden chersonnese says:

    Dear Toad, he was a Catholic, as the majority of New York City (and its environs!) is.



  6. Toadspitttle says:

    Thank you, Golden.
    You have a remarkable talent for finding things out.
    Pity you didn’t go into “The Media,” really.


  7. johnhenrycn says:

    GC does indeed have remarkable research talents, a veritable human search engine. Or maybe she’s a robot and we just don’t know it ? My son gave me his iPhone to experiment with the other day (I don’t use anything complicated like that), and there’s a virtual woman named ‘Melanie’ programmed into it who can answer almost any question asked of her or tell you where to look for the answer. I asked her for a date, but her answer was – “Sorry, I’m not interested. How else can I help you?” I kid you not.


  8. golden chersonnese says:

    JH, thanks for the complement (I think).

    Toad, Danny seems a man in the Toad mould, with his newspaper work and interest in “off-track betting”, which is thoroughly illegal where I am.

    I think his surname is Hispanic, though not a common one. In Malay his surname means a “sensitive person”, which is kind of apt, I think you’ll agree, especially for one involved in “off-track betting”!


  9. Toadspitttle says:

    Still, Golden, the fact that The Big Rotten Apple – The Babylon of the West – has a Catholic majority is a shocking indictment of Catholicism. (Suggests Toad.)


  10. golden chersonnese says:

    Well Toad, neighbouring Rhode Island is 64% Catholic, but you don’t here of much mischief coming out of there these days, now do you?


  11. golden chersonnese says:

    “hear of”


  12. Dean Evanowitz says:

    Danny Perasa was most definitely JEWISH. The surname Perasa is NOT Hispanic. Perasa is Hebrew, from the Bible, folks—notwithstanding the Indonesian word “perasa’, which is coincidental.

    I am a converted Catholic from Judaism. My father was an Orthodox Rabbinical scholar.


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