A new initiative from the Dominicans

From those excellent Chaps at GodzDogz.

This is a new initiative from the Dominicans to reach out to younger people to help support younger people as they transition from education to adult life.

It all seems like a very good idea; reaching out to people who are at a turning point in their lives and offering a spiritual stability. I was very lucky to live within easy reach of the Leicester Priory when I was going through this period in my life and remain grateful for the support and friendship of the friars during that time.

The friars are launching the Dominican Youth Movement, which is aimed at young people aged 18-35. Our hope is to support Catholic youth and help them to form networks from the time they are in university chaplaincies until their young professional/married lives. We hope to extend the chaplaincy experience and support network, keeping young people within the Dominican family, and offering opportunities in local areas and at larger regional and national gatherings for young Catholics to meet for prayer, study of the faith, recreation and discussions with friars so as to enable an on-going faith development.

If you are a young person already connected in some way to the Dominican Order in Great Britain, or are looking to explore how you can become a part of the Dominican Youth Movement, we invite you to come to the National Launch. It takes place on the weekend of 2-3 November at St Albert’s Catholic Chaplaincy in Edinburgh. There’s an exciting programme lined up – see all the details in the poster below!

The Launch is an entirely FREE event, but spaces are limited, so you need to book.

If you have any queries about the DYM in general or about the weekend, or wish to book your place, write to dym@english.op.org

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