Pope Francis prepares to consecrate the World

Immaculate-Heart-of-Mary-immaculate-heart-of-mary-18932672-175-288Vatican City, Oct 12, 2013 / 01:29 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis led a Marian prayer vigil Saturday, stressing that the Virgin Mary leads Christians to the mercy of God who can untie “all knotted hearts.”

Each one of us has “knots” in our souls, caused by sin, said Pope Francis.

“These knots take away our peace and serenity,” he said at the Oct. 12 vigil in St. Peter’s Square.

He acknowledged that some might believe they are without hope and say “But Father, mine can’t be untied.”

“That’s a mistake. All knots in the heart, all knots in the conscience, can be untied,” he emphasized.

If we ask Mary, “the woman of faith” for help, he continued, “she will surely say to us, ‘go forward, go to the Lord, he will understand you.’ And she takes us with the hand of a mother to the embrace of the Father, to the Father of mercy.”

As the crowds prayed, the Pope spoke of Mary’s example and reflected on her desire to lead others away from the “knots” of sin to divine healing. Mary is “the mother who patiently and lovingly brings us to God, so that he can untangle the knots of our soul by his fatherly mercy.”

In preparation for the Pope’s consecration of the world to Mary on Sunday, the original statue of Our Lady of Fatima was brought to St. Peter’s Square from the shrine in Portugal. Pope Francis took a moment to pray before the image, which depicts how Mary appeared to three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal in 1917.

The crowds of diverse pilgrims held up various images of Mary, celebrating her universal motherhood. The vigil, which interspersed international music with scripture readings that served as points of meditation and prayer.

Pope Francis taught that Mary, through her witness of faith, is the paradigm for all believers.

“Mary first conceived Jesus in faith and then in the flesh, when she said ‘yes’ to the message God gave her through the angel,” he told the vigil audience.

The Pope then challenged his listeners to consider their own faith more profoundly:

“Do we think that Jesus’ Incarnation is simply a past event which has nothing to do with us personally? Believing in Jesus means giving him our flesh with the humility and courage of Mary, so that he can continue to dwell in our midst.”

The crowds cheered as Pope Francis preached about following God.

“How was Mary’s faith a journey? In the sense that her entire life was to follow her Son: he is the way, he is the path!” he said.

The path of any Christian is the “way of the Cross,” even and especially for Mary.

“When Jesus was rejected, Mary was always there, with Jesus, following Jesus, in the midst of the people. And she heard the gossip, the hatred of those who did not love the Lord. And this cross, she was carrying,” he told the pilgrims.

During Jesus’ crucifixion, Mary’s faith was “like a little flame burning in the night.”

“And when she received word that the tomb was empty, her heart was filled with the joy of faith: Christian faith, in the death and resurrection of Christ, because faith always brings us joy. And she is the mother of joy!” he exclaimed.

“Mary teaches us to go forward with joy and live this joy!”

The prayer vigil at St. Peter’s Square preceded a world-wide vigil at various Marian sites throughout the globe.

These opportunities for prayer are being held as special events during the Catholic Church’s observance of the Year of Faith.

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25 Responses to Pope Francis prepares to consecrate the World

  1. Reblogged this on 1catholicsalmon and commented:
    An outstanding article.The penny has dropped.


  2. daniel nour says:

    She is the “Mother of Joy” SImply wonderful. Pray for us Mother.


  3. kathleen says:

    I don’t know if this prayer vigil from Rome was televised.
    However, last night EWTN transmitted the prayer vigil of the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun on 13th October 1917 with a beautiful candlelight procession, Holy Rosary and Mass from the shrine at Fatima.


  4. erhignite says:

    Reblogged this on By the Pen.


  5. kathleen says:

    The Holy Father’s beautiful Prayer of Consecration:

    “Holy Mary Virgin of Fatima,
with renewed gratitude for your maternal presence
we join our voice to that of all the generations
who call you blessed.
    We celebrate in you the works of God,
who never tires of looking down with mercy
upon humanity, afflicted with the wound of sin,
to heal it and save it.
    Accept with the benevolence of a Mother
the act of consecration that we perform today with confidence,
before this image of you that is so dear to us.
    We are certain that each of us is precious in your eyes
and that nothing of all that lives in our hearts is unknown to you.
    We let ourselves be touched by your most sweet regard
and we welcome the consoling caress of your smile.
    Hold our life in your arms:
bless and strengthen every desire for good;
revive and nourish faith;
sustain and enlighten hope;
awaken and animate charity;
guide all of us along the path of holiness.
    Teach us your own preferential love
for the little and the poor,
for the excluded and the suffering,
for sinners and the downhearted:
bring everyone under your protection
and entrust everyone to your beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus.


  6. GC says:

    Yes, quite lovely, kathleen. Perhaps the Pope will make one or two changes to it so that it would be suitable for a daily prayer. I think it could well become a classic Marian prayer for coming generations of Catholics.

    And of course set to some good music!

    (I’d love to see it in Latin! Wonder how you say “preferential”?)


  7. Roger says:

    Ambigious and will depend upon the stance of the hearer. A Muslim would have no problems with this. Protestants will have no problem. The Dehli Lama will have no problems. But for Catholics the answer is this is Not the Consecration requested by Heaven. The express consecration has to be to the Immaculate Heart Of Mary!
    Immaculate means Concieved without Original Sin. Thats the Sin of Adam and Eve.
    Also and frankly ducked here is that she is the Mother Of God. Our Lord is True God and True Man.
    Flattering words but the Immaculate Heart is by definition a confirmation of Dogma and Doctrinal and this isn’t.


  8. Toadspitttle says:

    “Immaculate means Conceived without Original Sin.”.

    No it doesn’t. That’s what “Immaculate Conception” means.
    Immaculate means without blemish or stain, in brief.

    Nothing to do with conceiving.

    The implication here is that ‘regular’ conceiving is somehow dirty – sinful, blemished, shameful.
    Well OK. If you like. But it’s how you got here, Roger.

    Although.. but no.


  9. Toadspitttle says:

    How is the Pope ‘ducking’ the fact that Mary is the Mother of God?


  10. johnhenrycn says:

    How is the Pope ‘ducking’…?

    I don’t understand that either. Maybe we should ask the Dehli Lama.


  11. Roger says:

    “Consecration to the Mother of God,” says Pope Pius XII, “is a total gift of self, for the whole of life and for all eternity; and a gift which is not a mere formality or sentimentality, but effectual, comprising the full intensity of the Christian life – Marian life.” This consecration, the Pope explained, “tends essentially to union with Jesus, under the guidance of Mary.”
    The Dogma is the Immaculate Conception. Concieved without Original Sin because there is NO Sin in Heaven. Our Lord could only live in a Sinless Womb! The Immaculate Heart Of Mary links the Immaculate Conception to the Heart Of Mary (fortold to be pierce Luke 23).
    There is and can never be Sin in Heaven.
    Adam and Eve were driven out of the Garden because of Sin. This Sin is inherited by each and ever Man. Unless Adam and Eve are understood then Our Lord and Our Lady and Our Lord’s Life and Passion become meaningless.
    Our Lady however never ever had Original Sin.
    Fatima and the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart Of Mary isn’t a matter of sentiment, it is to turn to the Immaculate because this is the Royal Road that brings Our Lord back into this world at this time. Our Lady’s womb is the Sacred Tabernacle Of God.
    Mother Of God? Well the Muslims believe in Jesus Toad. But they do not believe (neither do the Jews) in the Trinity.


  12. Roger says:

    Toad Our Lady concieved by the Holy Ghost. She and Our Lord were virgins. Perhaps you could explain why ‘regular’ concieving was not the route chosen by Our Lord.
    Eve’s punishment was the travail of Birth. As for God he doesn’t need ‘regular’ concieving to form humans.


  13. Toadspitttle says:

    I don’t like to point this out Roger, and generally don’t – because we all make errors – but if you are going to go on and on and on on this topic – for God’s sake spell ‘conceiving’ correctly.

    You still have not explained how the Pope ‘ducked’ the fact that Mary is acknowledged as the Mother of God.
    This is a very serious assertion on your part.
    And should be justified. Or there will be trouble.

    “Mother Of God? Well the Muslims believe in Jesus Toad. But they do not believe (neither do the Jews) in the Trinity.”.
    If I were seeking a textbook example of a non sequitur, that would do very nicely.


  14. Toadspitttle says:

    ..And while we are at it – let us consider the atrocious piece of artwork displayed at the top of this article – but not for any longer than we have to.
    Relativism in plaster.
    Enough to put anyone with the most rudimentaty aesthetic sensibility off Catholicism.

    How did the Fatima children see Mary? Like this? As a nice, white, upper class, soppy young nun from the Portuguese equivalent of Surbiton, who never had dirt under her fingernails, I imagine.
    Just a thought.


  15. Roger says:

    Toad in the text as given there is no mention of the Immaculate! and No mention of Mother of God. Our Lord Jesus Christ is ambigious Lord Krishna for instance. Its sentimental but not doctrinal. There is a gulf of distance between Cain and Abel. Cain was mistaken for an animal, “..is the tradition of the Hebrews, that Lamech in hunting slew Cain, mistaking him for a wild beast; ..” In other words viewing the things of flesh as only flesh instead of seeing through the eyes of the spirit. Viewing Our Lady as just another woman is Cain’s view. Abel sees the Virgin the spotless and Pure.
    Contrary to opinion St Anne and St Joachim were not peasants but wealthy.
    The Consecration has to be with ALL the Bishops of the World and is the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart Of Mary. This isn’t the Consecration requested by Heaven.


  16. kathleen says:

    It was only a prayer! I do not doubt that Pope Francis would agree with all the doctrinal points concerning the Blessed Virgin Mary which you underline above.

    (P.S. Have you seen the discussion about Fatima on the “Nailing jelly to the wall” article here? Would appreciate your views on the subject.)


  17. kathleen says:

    When the little Lucia of Fatima saw the finished statue of the Blessed Virgin she exclaimed, “But oh, she was so much more beautiful!” St. Bernadette had the same reaction when she saw the image of Our Lady of Lourdes…. and St. Faustina was moved to tears when she saw, after many tries, the poor artist’s final painting of the Divine Mercy. It was still nothing like the sublime Image St. Faustina had seen.

    There is a wonder and beauty in Heaven, Our Blessed Lord and His Holy Mother, that is impossible to recreate by human hands. That is why statues and all works of art aimed at depicting them – even those works that we consider so beautiful – fall so very short of the Real Thing.


  18. Roger says:

    This is what Lucy said “..please stress the spiritual meaning of things, in order to raise minds which today have become so materialistic to regions of the supernatural..”
    The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart Of Mary is expressly placing the spiritual above the material.
    Our Lord expressly refered to Genesis 4:24 in Matthew 18:22. Lamech who killed Cain.
    Cain’s line is that of materialism. See in Cain and Abel the difference between spiritual and material. Time and time again since 1960 (thats 53 years ago) this Consecration of Russia (expressly Russia) hasn’t been done. To speak of Our Lady Of Fatima and then not do what Heaven decreed is to place the opinion of Man before God. Two World Wars and now the West has accepted War for regime change? This coupled with a crisis of Faith in the West. This tells me that the material has been placed before the spiritual. This is why I am being critical here.


  19. mmvc says:

    Louie Verrecchio makes an interesting distinction between ‘entrustment’ and ‘consecration’ and concludes that Pope Francis’ prayer falls into the category of the former:



  20. Roger says:

    The following I think sets out the position.
    I notice that Our Lord himself spoke to Lucy in the summer of 1931.
    ” Make it known to My ministers given that they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, like him they will follow him into misfortune. “


  21. Toadspitttle says:

    “Two World Wars and now the West has accepted War for regime change?.

    War has ALWAYS been about "regime change," Roger!
    What else can it possibly be about?

    I can't think of any war from the beginning of recorded time that was not.
    Maybe you can.
    The Trojan War? World's earliest-known war? Was it? I don't know.
    New team in Troy, anyway!


  22. Brother Burrito says:


    Toad has been invited to accept the CP&S “Chair of Gargoylogy”!

    This important post concerns the reception of whatever falls from the Heavens, including rain, dead leaves and bird-poo, collecting this all together and spouting it forth in an earthly direction at whoever chances below.

    We have high hopes of Professor Toad becoming a world authority in his subject. Probably.


  23. Toadspitttle says:

    Toad knows a fair to middling bit about bird-poo – having eight chickens and a canary ( the last whose contribution is minimal, it must be said) to clean out at intervals – but he can claim, without undue modesty, to be “The World Authority,’ of whom Burron wots – on Dog Poo.

    The amount six dogs can produce in a day is – as Kathleen’s children no doubt say – “awesome.”

    A melancholy subject to be sure.
    But down to earth.
    Like CP&S. And Pope Francis.

    …And Toad will proudly and cheerfully accept the chair. Provided it is comfy.


  24. kathleen says:

    mmvc @ 15:00 yesterday

    That was a very revealing link Maryla, many thanks. It certainly appears that the Holy Father performed “an entrustment” of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary rather than “a consecration”. I’m sad and disappointed.

    I read through the interesting comments on the link too. These ones from someone called Rushintuit stood out and deserve thinking about:

    1. “It’s looking more and more like Russia was consecrated by name in 1952 by Pope Pius XII. Imperfectly done without the Bishops, it was too late to stop WWII, The Holocaust and the Gulag. But it did prevent the Soviets from invading Europe and launching nukes at the US. It was as promised, a “certain” period of peace. A lot of us got to live our lives better than any previous generation. What do we have to show for it? If we cooperated with the great graces we were given by Our Heavenly Mother, we’ll make it home to Heaven. But how many millions missed out because Russia wasn’t consecrated correctly, in a timely manner and devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was not established throughout the world?

    2. Pius XII did two consecrations. The one quoted in 1942 and ten years later in which he names Russia specifically:
    “Just as a few years ago We consecrated the entire human race to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, so today We consecrate and in a most special manner We entrust all the peoples of Russia to this
Immaculate Heart”.”

    (However, as someone further down responds, Western Europe is not the whole world, and many other countries were cruelly affected by the horrors of atheistic communism seeping in.)

    We are still left asking ourselves: has the Consecration really been done in the past (obviously not by Pope Francis after all) according to Our Lady’s express wishes, or not? Some say ‘yes’, and others say ‘no’.


  25. Roger says:

    The Pope of Fatima was Pius XII and notice He obeyed Heavens instructions through seers. Fatima had been approved and accepted and far from being of a private nature was expressly fortold by Our Lord.
    Since John XXIII we have had much flattery and public acclaimation BUT disobedience to Heaven. Excuse, hand wringing and yet openly an admission that the Church is in crisis in the West (the Gentiles). In other words the worlds good servants first and God second.
    The 20th century and World Wars were predicted by in early 17th century. Which I suggest are tied in with Leo XIII vision and Fatima, but more significantly the general Apostacy of the Gentiles is Public Revelation.
    This is the problem demanding Obedience whilst publicly clearly being Disobedient.
    There will be a Pope that does this because Our Lady’s words will be fulfilled. That Pope won’t be popular with Man but will put God First!


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