Eucharist and Old Testament

A fascinating post by Jefferson, which beautifully opens up the Old Testament prefigurations of the cornerstone of our faith: the holy sacrifice of the Mass.

Jefferson Bennit

Exodus 12:1-28,  we read “On the tenth of this month………..It is Passover of the Lord…..That day will come a memorial for you; from age to age you will celebrate it….”

So a religious feast (the elements were taken from the pre-Mosaic practice of sacrificing the young animal and the agricultural feast of Matzoth) was instituted on the occasion of the Exodus of the Hebrews at the time of their liberation from slavery in the land of Egypt.

This quotation from the book of Exodus identifies two essential and constitutive elements. First: There is the immolation of a lamb whose blood is supposed to preserve the Hebrews from vindication of the Lord towards the Egyptians. Second: It is a community celebration strictly limited to the people of God, at the most extended to those who have become naturalized Hebrews, but forbidden to all strangers. Ex. 12:43-49 “No…

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4 Responses to Eucharist and Old Testament

  1. Thank you for re-blogging my article. I consider it as a privilege and am greatly encouraged. – Jeff.


  2. Brother Burrito says:

    Thank you Jeff for your excellent article.

    If only more of our readers’ articles were made known to us so that we could re-publish them!

    I am reminded of this story:


  3. Roger says:

    Well you need to go back much further.
    Genesis 3:21 Where do you think the skins came from?
    Genesis 4 :3,4 Abel offering a Lamb.
    Abraham and Isaac(especially the Ram ) . Melchizedek
    Way Way before Jacob (from whence came Israel and the Jews)
    Moses was a late entry into the history of the Holy sacrifice.

    [The moderator – For heaven’s sake, Roger, read the article before saddling up your high-horse, it explicitly references the tradition of sacrifice before Moses]


  4. Roger says:

    [The moderator – Please stick to the subject of the post, Roger; criticising an article for not emphasising your personal opinion is very unfair.]


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