“It is the fear that allowing Christ into our lives, opening ourselves totally to Him means that He will take something precious away from us”

A marvellous piece from +Davies.


RagazzaGallese: Emphases are my own

Bishop Mark Davies’ Homily during Mass at Invocation FACE2FACE, 12 October 2013

Homily at the Closing Mass for the Invocation Conference

St. Chad’s Cathedral, Birmingham

12th October 2013

The Gospel we have just heard leaves a question: what happened to the nine people who came to a life-changing meeting with Christ, recognised him as “Master” but disappear never to be seen again? Our Lord Himself asks the question: “the other nine, where are they?” (Luke 17: 18). Where did they go? Why did they run from the face of Our Lord, so that only one “turned back,” St. Luke tells us “and threw himself at the feet of Jesus and thanked him”? (Luke 17:17). Is it that they were afraid of what might be asked of them, afraid of their vocation? As they rushed away did they think they might one day return to…

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