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St Andrew, Patron Saint of Scotland

Here is another example showing that it is absolutely impossible to ban all Christian symbols from the public life without destroying Europe. The European Union and various European governments must reconsider their militant secularism. From Historic UK The union flag … Continue reading

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“I Am the Immaculate Conception”, Our Lady told St. Bernadette

Bernadette Soubirous, after an absence of three weeks from her visits to the grotto in Massabielle to see ‘The Lady’, felt a sudden irresistible urge to return there during the night of the 24th/25th March 1858. On the feast of … Continue reading

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Times Of Persecution Mean The Lord Is Near

Pontiff Warns of Worldly Temptation to Keep Religion Private VATICAN CITY, November 28, 2013 ( – Worldly powers that wish to make religion something private exists in this world. This was the warning Pope Francis gave this morning during Mass … Continue reading

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Argentine Catholics Defend Cathedral From Feminist Attack — Pope Francis Burned in Effigy

Following our previous post of the Philippine Cathedral’s “rise from the ashes” after the disastrous passing of typhoon Haylan, we now produce a very different story of a Cathedral – this time in Argentina. From “The Eponymous Flower”; (but I … Continue reading

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Despite Typhoon Damage, Philippine Archdiocese Ordains Seven Priests

By CATHOLIC NEWS SERVICE on Wednesday, 27 November 2013 Seven priests of the Archdiocese of Palo were ordained amid the ruins of the typhoon-ravaged Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Our Lord in ceremonies on Tuesday. Although Super Typhoon Haiyan caused the roof … Continue reading

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The Winning Deal

I have a devilishly addictive game on my phone called Spider Solitaire. Two decks of cards are dealt out and you have to arrange them back into eight suits, which when they are complete are removed from the board, revealing … Continue reading

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Francis, The Pope

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Love Reign O’er Me

By Dr. Edward Mulholland.  For the past few years, the last week of Ordinary Time finds me thinking of Adam Sandler, Quadrophenia and the seemingly impossible weight of my fallenness. Allow me to explain the intersection of these three thoughts in my … Continue reading

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The Very Real World of Screwtape

One of the most popular works of C.S. Lewis (whose 50th anniversary of death we celebrated the other day) is the thought-provoking “The Screwtape Letters”. The author and Catholic convert, Paul McCusker, compares it to “Hostage to the Devil” by Malachi Martin, another disquieting … Continue reading

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I Used To Be Scared Of Blood

Yes it is true. I used to be a wimp, and I remained one until quite a way through my medical training. I have fainted twice in my life. The first was while at Christmas Midnight Mass 1979, when I … Continue reading

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What to do about a cold spiritual life

From Mary Kaufman at Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction: Often when we grow in prayerfulness, the Lord purifies our intentions and asks us to pray even when we do not have feelings or get much response back. Something else to ask … Continue reading

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Bishop of Shrewsbury’s Pastoral Letter Marking End of Year of Faith

November 22, 2013 (  As the Year of Faith draws to a close, an English bishop has encouraged his flock not to be discouraged by the antagonism they face when bearing witness to Christ in society. Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury … Continue reading

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The King of Kings’ Throne of Thrones

Originally posted on Biltrix:
Murillo, Christ on the Cross, Metropolitan Art Museum, New York Every king has a throne, because the throne symbolizes a king’s power and authority. From his throne, a king administers justice, conducts diplomatic negotiations, receives petitions,…

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Lectio Divina: 34th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

The Åby Crucifix A King With a Cross as Throne Paris, November 22, 2013 ( Monsignor Francesco Follo 1) The most important thing is not to be like Jesus but, like the good thief, to be with Jesus. In his … Continue reading

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The ‘Crown of Thorns’ of Christ the King – Christian Persecution Today

Pope Benedict XVI in Leon, Mexico (25th March 2012): “Long Live Christ the King!… He is a king with a crown of thorns, but only He can save us: “Do whatever He tells you.”… His crowns, one of a sovereign, the … Continue reading

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