The face of compassion

Pope Francis kisses a man's disfigured face during today's general audience in St Peter's square

Pope Francis kisses a man’s disfigured face during today’s general audience in St Peter’s square

From Vatican Insider

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3 Responses to The face of compassion

  1. toadspittle says:

    The poor man (not Francis, in this case) seems to have been given an unnecessarily heavy and hideous cross to bear. It doesn’t seem fair.Still…Mysterious Ways…no doubt.

    It does not seem physically possible to comment on the post called “A Diagnostic Manual For Sin,” for some technocritical reason.
    But it was Sartre*, of course. Camus rather enjoyed people. Especially girls.
    Like Toad.
    And neither of us would need a diagnostic manual. Just make it up as we go along.
    More instructive and fun.

    *“Huis Clos, Eng. trans. – No Exit.”


  2. jennyroca says:

    wow, that was hard…..hard for the Pope, I guess, and hard for the man to carry that kind of suffering….sometimes I wonder where is God in all this suffering?

    We have to accept that there is not good enough explanation for suffering…it is a mystery…..


  3. Joy says:

    Actually, I think the Holy Father is extending compassion on a man who has suffered not so much because of the way he looks but rather because of the sin of the world that regards how a person looks to be so important! He loved him in a way the man probably has rarely experienced in his life. I don’t believe it’s God who does this. It’s the way others focus on the external presentation that causes most of the suffering this man has likely endured.


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