Peter Faber, S.J. to be declared Saint

Teilhard de Chardin

I had previously written about the life of Peter (Pierre) Faber, S.J., a companion of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the first Jesuit priest. Pope Francis mentioned Fr. Faber as one of his role models for his pontificate. Pope Francis is elevating the status of Fr. Faber within the Church also as Vatican Insider says that Faber will be declared a Saint before Christmas this year.  From Vatican Insider:

“Pierre Faber, a “Reformed” Jesuit priest whom Francis sees as a model figure, is to be proclaimed as saint before Christmas, Stefania Falasca reports in an article for Italian Catholic newspaper Avvenire. The process for his cause in the Congregation for the Causes of Saints is complete and now all that remains is for Francis to issue the Bull of Canonization that will proclaim the first companion of St. Ignatius a saint, extending the cult of the…

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2 Responses to Peter Faber, S.J. to be declared Saint

  1. Thank you for the reblog. Peter Faber is not especially well-known but he is clearly a role model for Pope Francis. Set forth below is a link to a longer biography and discussion of Peter Faber’s Spiritual Life and Practices by Severin Leitner (courtesy of a friend of the blog):

    Click to access peter_faber.pdf

    The following is from the article and sheds light into Pope Francis’ goal:

    “Outside the political scene he was zealously engaged in the
    pastoral service for the Catholics. He used the method which the group
    of the companions had developed in northern Italy and Rome. He gave
    many retreats, gave spiritual talks, spiritual direction in and outside the
    confessional. In this way he gained a sound picture on the religious
    situation in Germany. In a letter to Ignatius, dated 10 January 1541 he
    sums up in a precise manner the situation: “Would be to God, there were
    one or two priests in every town, living neither in concubinage nor in
    any other sinful state known by everybody here, priests who would show
    pastoral zeal! I have no doubt, that with the help of the Lord the ordinary
    and simple people would soon come back to the Church.” Obviously,
    the reformation was for him not a theological problem but foremost a
    pastoral one, actually a problem of the Catholic Church. Faber was of the
    opinion that much more important than theological disputes and
    religious discussions was a solid catholic reform of the whole body, head
    and every member of the body.”


  2. Brother Burrito says:


    What the world and the Church needs is a St Peter Faber and a St Francis Xavier at every street corner, indeed in every workplace, office and home.

    Almighty God, of your mercy, give us these!


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