Divine Mercy

All Along the Watchtower


Rowan Williams once commented that:

To believe in Jesus’ God of unconditional accessibility and even-handed compassion, to believe in an anarchic mercy that ignores order, rank and merit, is to accept that our projects and patterns are the mark of failure, of illusion, of the infantile belief that we can dictate truth and reality [Wound of Knowledge, 7]

This is hard for us and on us, and our natural tendency is to reject it and to retreat into the comfort zone of thinking that we can have some influence on the truth and the reality of God’s love; we cannot, and the sooner we see this, the calmer we shall be; we are told to trust in Him; we cling to trust in self-sufficiency: that struggle is one for us all.

There is always the temptation to assume that one is saved and to become a little self-satisfied and even…

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