Epiphany 2014

The Magi, Ravenna, 6th century

Los Reyes, the wise men from the East, come bearing gifts foretelling a kingdom, a death and a sacrifice.

The child, God made man, is shown to the world through their visit; Epihany, Επιφάνεια – “a great showing”, God made manifest to us all.

In the Greek East, the focus of the Epiphany is not on this first “showing” of Our Lord, but on His baptism, when, once again, the nature of God the Son was shown to us – the Theophany, Θεοφάνεια, the vision of God.

Icon of the Baptism of the Lord, 1497. Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God, Kilillo-Byelozhersk, Russia.

The Son and the means of our salvation have been shown to us all: our task is to reflect the glorious light of His coming in our lives.

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