With a belated hat-tip to the Bones.

Can I draw your attention to The Good Counsel Network, who are in desperate need of financial help.

The Good Counsel Network focus on providing practical support to women who would be under pressure to have abortions; they help so many women, families and unborn children so vulnerable to abortion in this age.

We are now in January, and a lot of the generous impetuous of Christmas has died away and they do desperately need our help to continue their work, helping mothers and babies in serious need.

Therefore, let’s have a ‘moneybomb’ for The Good Counsel Network
. Give generously today to their work. The Lord repays and loves a cheerful and generous giver.

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  1. cc70458 says:

    Read here on Lifeboat coffee ( ), and see if you can get them signed up as an affiliate. That way people can support them year round by buying Gourmet coffee at supermarket prices and specify exactly where they want their dollars to go! One dollar per bag of coffee sold. Imagine the support over a year if you and your friends started buying your coffee from a Catholic owned pro-life business. If you own a business imagine the impact. (No I’m not a paid endorser or in any way connected except by purchasing my own coffee from them). This is a great way to make a difference year round!

    Read here about How I found them because of the March for Life! 🙂



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