New Personal Parish of Blessed John Henry Newman, Melbourne


Tenebrae service, Blessed John Henry Newman Community, Melbourne

Tomorrow, 28 March 2014, will mark the canonical establishing of the Personal Parish of Blessed John Henry Newman in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, Australia. The parish will serve all those in the Archdiocese, which is Australia’s largest, wishing to worship in the Extraordinary Form.

Please see here for a report and Archbishop Hart’s decree on the Archdiocese’s website.

The personal parish will be accommodated in the church and facilities of St Aloysius’ Parish, Caulfield North (on Balaclava Road, for those acquainted with Melbourne). Actually, Mass in the traditional rite has been offered there every day for more than ten years.

For any who may be visiting Melbourne, please see the parish website for all further information.

The Caulfield area of Melbourne is becoming quite famous for Catholic developments. In Holy Cross Church, Caulfield South, priests of the St Benedict parish of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross serve former Anglicans who have resumed communion with the Roman See.

Just a kilometre or two the other way in East St Kilda is the Holy Trinity and St Nicholas Church of the Russian-rite Catholics .

Please remember Fr Tattersall, Fr McDaniels and Fr Marshall as well as all our Catholic brothers and sisters in the brand new parish in Melbourne and in the nearby Ordinariate and Russian parishes in your prayers.

[CP&S readers with sufficient time, funds, energy and bandages who might wish to visit Melbourne could consider going in October any year (in mid Spring – temperatures reasonably balmy). You could then also participate in the annual Christ the King Pilgrimage between two rural cathedrals, those of Ballarat and Sandhurst, in the state of Victoria. Please look at the pilgrimage’s website. Many in the new Blessed Newman’s parish, including their clergy, participate and they would make any international pilgrims feel most welcome. They would be thrilled.

Kathleen, any takers? You’ll very soon get used to walking upside down.]

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2 Responses to New Personal Parish of Blessed John Henry Newman, Melbourne

  1. kathleen says:

    You’ll very soon get used to walking upside down.” 😆

    Sounds wonderful GC, in spite of this, er, inconvenience.
    The annual Christ the King Pilgrimage sounds like the Oz equivalent of the annual Chartres pilgrimage… and you know how I rave about that amazing event. Unfortunately, as you say, I don’t have sufficient of all those mentioned ‘necessities’ to be able to accede – at least for this year!

    Prayers promised for all those new young parishes that will inject new life into the Catholic faithful down under.


  2. GC says:

    It was indeed based on the Chartres pilgrimage, kathleen. One difference is that the two cathedrals are , of necessity, those of rural suffragan dioceses of Melbourne.

    By the way, Sandhurst Cathedral is reasonably impressive; Ballarat Cathedral is more modest, but no doubt much loved by the people there.

    Not to worry, kathleen. If you ever tire of the Paris-Chartres route, you know there’s second best waiting for you. 😉


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