Confession – The Holy Father leads by example

During a penitential service in St. Peter’s Basilica March 28, Pope Francis went to confession:

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4 Responses to Confession – The Holy Father leads by example

  1. Shadaan says:

    I am of the opinion that this Pope is very modest and humble. His heart is not filled with the things of the mind.

  2. greatpretender51 says:

    Considering the repeated scandals caused by his public statements, it’s a good thing he did.

  3. kathleen says:

    @ Shadaan

    Are you saying that Pope Francis does not think before he acts or speaks?
    No, nothing wrong with spontaneity at certain times, when the impulse to jump protocol like this act above of the Holy Father comes from sincere humility and an awareness of personal sin – something we should all imitate. And possessing a kind and loving heart, putting other first without thinking, is a sign of God’s grace and goodness in the person.

    But there are other times when lack of pre-meditation or thoughtfulness before acting or speaking can cause damage and great hurt to others… as I have learnt to my own regret. And the greater the responsibility and importance of the person in question, the greater the care needed in these things.

  4. Toadspittle says:

    Shadaan doesn’t seem to be suggesting the Pope is impulsive at all. Makes no mention of it.

    thegreatpretender51 is clearly not a Frankie fan. Fond of a bit of scandal, occasionally, myself. Gingers people up.

    But Shadaan does say…“His heart is not filled with the things of the mind.” Which I hope is not true. Things of the mind are very important.
    Even to Catholics, at times.
    Still, I suppose it all depends on what we mean by “filled.”

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