Big Battle Brewing – Michael Voris on “Church Militant”

We lost the battle on contraception. We cannot lose the battle on marriage.

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3 Responses to Big Battle Brewing – Michael Voris on “Church Militant”

  1. Shadaan says:

    Who is going to feed the hungry? Who is going to accommodate the weak? The earth belongs to all creation including creatures. Who are we to make judgements? Love and compassion cannot exclude anyone.


  2. Admitting that political theory does not apply to everything under the sun, is an act of love and compassion, and reason. There is a difference between marriage as a vocation and marriage as political theory.


  3. Carol Ann says:

    Sodomy is a mortal sin. His Word is direct and clear. Anyone who is “tolerant” of what God directly prohibits either doesn’t follow His Commands or is a heretic. All the progress of evil is directly related to our disregard of what God Commands of us. St. Paul never “tolerated” evil within the church and the community of believers. He told the early Church to get rid of the guy who was sleeping with a relative. No nonsense was allowed as what the Church “tolerates” nowadays. St. Paul would follow the Commands of Jesus with no compromise.


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