The Sixth and Seventh Sorrows of Mary

The two final sorrows of Our Blessed Lady are: (6) ‘The deposition from the Cross’, and (7) ‘The Entombment of Jesus‘.

Mary's Martyrdom

Mary’s Martyrdom

The Blessed Virgin Mary was intimately associated with her Son’s Passion.“Yes, O Blessed Mother, a sword has truly pierced your soul. It could penetrate Your Son’s flesh only by passing through your soul. And after Jesus had died, the cruel lance which opened His side did not reach His soul, but it did pierce yours. His soul was no longer in His body, but yours could not be detached from it.” (St. Bernard)

In complete adherence to the Divine Will, Mary stands with Jesus to the end. He is taken down from the Cross, and for a few precious moments, before He must be taken hurriedly to be laid in the tomb before nightfall, she holds her beloved Son’s lifeless Body in her gentle motherly arms. It is that same Sacred Body she had so lovingly cradled that holy night of His birth in Bethlehem, nurtured and watched over during those early years in Nazareth, followed as the first of His faithful disciples during His public life, she now beholds, brutally broken and mutilated on account of the sins of Mankind.  How sharp was the sword that now pierces her Immaculate Heart!

But Mary does not falter in her faith in the words of Her Divine Son. Had He not said many times: “The Son of Man must suffer many things, and be rejected by the ancients and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and the third day rise again” (Luke 9:22)?

Now as she follows Him to His final resting place on Earth, the Holy Sepulcre, her waiting begins. On this day, when the world lies in hushed silence, Mary’s pierced heart of sorrow is tinged with Faith and Hope for the morrow.

O Jesus, I Trust in Thee.

“O Queen of Virgins, you are also the Queen of Martyrs; but it was within your heart that the sword transpierced you, for with you everything took place within your soul.

“Oh, how fair you are to behold during your long martyrdom, enveloped in a majesty both strong and gentle; for you have learned from the Word how those should suffer who are chosen as victims by the Father, those whom He has elected as associates in the great work of the redemption, whom He has known and predestinated to be conformed to His Christ, crucified for love.

“You are there, O Mary, at the foot of the Cross, standing, in strength and courage; and my Master says to me, “Ecce Mater Tua.” Behold your Mother. He gives you to me for my Mother! And now that He has returned to His Father, and has put me in His place on the Cross so that I may fill up those things which are wanting of the sufferings of Christ in my flesh for His Body, which is the Church, you are still there, O Mary, to teach me to suffer as He did, to let me hear the last song of His soul which no one but you, O Mother, could overhear” (Blessed Elisabeth of the Trinity, Last Retreat, 15).

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