British teenager becomes an international star for announcing his virginity


May 20, 2014 ( – An 18-year old high school senior is gaining international attention for proudly proclaiming his virginity, and his intention to keep it.

Phin Lyman

Phin Lyman 18

In a forthcoming essay, Phin Lyman said that he believes “that sex is an incredibly strong symbol of love between two people.” Comparing it to glue, Lyman writes that “once you have had sex with someone, you’re connected to them emotionally and physically. If you tear that bond the rip leaves open scars where the glue once was. That’s why ‘casual sex’ never works in the long term.”

The Daily Beast reports that Lyman also pointed to how boys and girls are being raised differently when it comes to sex. With boys, who watch pornography, Lyman says they think sex is “just for them.” With girls, Lyman believes they have a romanticized idea of what sex means.

Lyman says he has been accused of making his virginity known to attract women, something he says is patently untrue. “I have never seen any evidence that girls are interested in that sort of challenge. I want to wait until I have met someone who knows me and I love them.” (Continue reading…)


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