Thinking about Chartres

Notre Dame de Chartres

Notre Dame de Chartres

This morning the British pilgrims will be on their way to Paris for the start tomorrow of the annual ‘Chartres pilgrimage’ at Pentecost, walking between the Cathedrals of Notre Dame in Paris to Notre Dame in Chartres. This year I have not been able to join them, and having miraculously forgotten all my aches and pains and sufferings of last year, I am feeling more than a little wistful. How such an arduous challenging event could ever attract so many thousands of Catholic pilgrims to eagerly take part every year on this 70 mile three-day walk is really amazing! It can only be explained by the immense spiritual joy and abundant heavenly graces poured down upon those who truly do their best to “pick up their Cross” of sufferings to follow Our Lord Jesus Christ on His journey to Calvary.

This is my account of the pilgrimage from last year:

Here is an interesting video from members of the American chapter that gives some background information and a very good idea of why it is such a unique and wonderful event… (for any able-bodied would-be pilgrims for next year 🙂 .)

Please keep the pilgrims in your prayers – they will need it – for they will be praying and offering up their sacrifices for all of us, and for the many needs in the Church today.

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2 Responses to Thinking about Chartres

  1. johnhenrycn says:

    What a wonderful thing a pilgrimage is. After reading Kathleen’s account last year, I resolved to participate in one myself. Still haven’t, but hope springs eternal. I also remember Rabit’s daily (more or less) journal of his trip from England to Spain three (?) summers ago, supplemented by some very nice photographs of that journey to take up his new teaching position. Good memories.


  2. kathleen says:

    Thanks johnhenry! Ah yes, I remember you saying you were “resolved to participate” in a pilgrimage yourself one day; any chance you might hop over the pond that separates us to join the Chartres pilgrimage next year? Never forget that “the longest journey begins with a single step” as the old Chinese proverb goes. 😉

    Here is the blog of one of our commenters, ragazzagallese, who is walking on the pilgrimage now:


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