Mariam Yahya Ibrahim reportedly freed

Deo Gratias! (but don’t stop praying)

According to the official state news agency in Sudan, a court has ordered 27-year-old Meriam Yahya Ibrahim be freed after her case sparked outrage around the world.


 Read about it at the Independent online

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6 Responses to Mariam Yahya Ibrahim reportedly freed

  1. annem040359 says:

    Praise be to God! Now she must go to South Sudan, where she and her kids will be safe!


  2. johnhenrycn says:

    Annemo, I think she and her children will be safer in the U.S.A., to which I think she has a right of entry; but even if she doesn’t have a legal right to return, the gov’t there daren’t deny her entry.


  3. I, cynical wretch, don’t put anything past the State Department; but certainly they do seem to be working toward this.


  4. kathleen says:

    Yes, they do Marc… (we must give credit where credit is due! 😉 )

    This from today is how things stand at present:

    I’m no lawyer, but I don’t see how using documents “issued by the embassy of South Sudan” to leave the country she (or her lawyers) can be accused of “forgery”!!
    At least Mariam has the staunch loyalty of her family and team of lawyers, but her ‘via crucis‘ is not over yet. We must continue to pray for her.

    P.S. The language of the title of the article is misleading I think. Calling her leaving the country “to flee” gives the impression she was doing something illegal. Besides, she was not a Christian “convert” – she was always Christian.


  5. kathleen says:

    Freedom at last for Mariam Ibrahim after her long ordeal – she and her family have arrived safely in Italy – Deo gratias!–xkQ3WLcAbg


  6. marcpuckett says:

    Deo gratias, indeed!


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