Slate Book Review: Know Nothing, the True Story of Atheism

Sorry for the reblog of a reblog, but them “atheists” just won’t go away!

Teilhard de Chardin

An examined faith leads to a deeper faith What would Plato and Aristotle say about the “New Atheists”?

This blog has been fairly quiet lately, mostly because of work and family commitments (as well as discernment about whether I am ready to commit to an eight month retreat in Daily Life, but that is another story). However, I came across this excellent book review by Michael Robbins in Slate (courtesy of The Outward Quest Blog) and had to share it.  I have not read the book but based on the review I intend to.  Here is an excerpt from the review:

Atheists: The Origin of the Species seems to have been born out of frustration with these and other confusions perpetuated by the so-called “New Atheists” and their allies, who can’t be bothered to familiarize themselves with the traditions they traduce. Several thoughtful writers have already laid bare the slapdash know-nothingism of today’s mod-ish atheism, but…

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A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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2 Responses to Slate Book Review: Know Nothing, the True Story of Atheism

  1. Brother Burrito says:

    Don’t tell them this, as it might upset them and make them rant deliriously, but atheists are terminally ill and need our prayers more than they need our counter-arguments.

    Don’t engage with their professed God-lessness. This would be like empathizing with a corpse by stopping one’s own heart. Instead, shock them with your zest for eternal life, and hope that after the shock, they start beating to the same pacemaker that lies within them.

    We must all be ready to shock the retrievably dead. This is Charity at it’s rawest.


  2. toadspittle says:

    Quite right, Burron. Nothing to get all fretful and worked-up about here. (Not that we would dream of doing so, of course!)
    I don’t know why we can’t just leave them alone, to rave on in their ignorance and misery.
    Poor things.
    It’s not as if anyone else pays them the slightest attention.


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