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The PIME missionaries (Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions), publishers of the online journal, have been calling  for donations to a fund they set up almost a fortnight ago to assist Christians displaced or otherwise adversely affected in northern Iraq. All funds are to go to the Chaldean Catholic patriarchate in Baghdad to assist those in great need in the north. has said that PIME:

. . . has decided to respond to this appeal by raising funds for our brothers and sisters who have been robbed of their right to life and liberty. To feed a Christian from Mosul takes about 160 € (US$ 215) a month; 40 € (US$ 54) a week; and 5 € (US$ 7) a day.

We invite all our readers and friends to play their part, going beyond indignation and condemnation, expressing our solidarity through our support to Iraqi Christians. The funds raised will be sent to the Patriarchate of Baghdad, who will distribute them according to the needs of each family.

Please read more about the PIME support fund and how to contribute, if able, here and here.

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Poor sinner.
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  1. GC says: has just reported that Pope Francis has recently channelled USD 1 million to assist displaced Christians and Yazidis in northern Iraq. Please read the report here.


  2. kathleen says:

    Hmmm! Glad to hear of the help Pope Francis has given generously to the displaced Christians in Iraq, but not sure whether the “help” for the Yazidis has not come too late, and may now fall into the hands of the satanical ISIS jihadists. Unlike the faithful courageous Iraqi Christians, hundreds of these Yazidis have already embraced the heresy of Islam to save their skins. See:
    The islamic jihadist lies to the Yazidis telling them their conversion will “save them from Hell”!! Poor gullible fools!


  3. johnhenrycn says:

    Dear Kathleen:
    From the article in your link:
    Islamic State, a militant group that witnesses and officials say has executed hundreds of members of Iraq’s Yazidis, has released a video that seeks to show it enlightened hundreds of members of the religious minority by converting them to Islam.

    Are they poor gullible fools, or frightened men? The men in the video are genuflecting to their new found faith, but what does that mean? They don’t look happy about it. Although I like to think I would display Maximilian Kolbe-like courage in such a situation, I’m not at all sure that I would, especially if – as in the case of these Yazidi men – the lives of my wife and children were also at stake. God bless.


  4. johnhenrycn says:

    God won’t damn us on a technicality, someone once said.


  5. kathleen says:

    Would you call converting to evil Islam no more than “a technicality“, JH? Wow! How can you be so insensitive after what we are witnessing in Iraq and Syria at this moment?
    Thousands of Iraqi Christian martyrs have already refused conversion to Islam and have lost everything rather than ‘convert’. Others have been viciously chopped to pieces by followers of this (ahem) ‘religion of peace’ for their refusal to do so. They didn’t see it as a “technicality”, but as a matter of choosing the Cross of suffering and martyrdom for Eternal Life in God’s Presence, rather than burning in Hell forever with the likes of their murderers.

    The Yazidis are not Christians; they seem to have some strange beliefs. I do not doubt that some Yazidi conversions to Islam will have been made willingly, by those who are mistakenly convinced by its arguments (amazing though such a thing might seem to us) and these are indeed “gullible fools”. (Look at the Yazidis smiling and hugging the murderous jihadists!) True, the forced conversions, made without Free Will, cannot be considered sincere, but all the same… God will judge their reasons for doing so and how much blame (if any) will be on their consciences.

    But can you for one moment imagine the horror for a Christian to be forced to turn away from all that is True and Holy, to embrace this heresy of Islam? To actually have to say out loud the words denying your belief in Our Blessed Lord, Son of God and Redeemer of Mankind, Our Blessed Mother, the One True Church… and then announce that Mohammed is “God’s prophet”? How abominable! I would rather die a thousand deaths… and can only pray fervently (coward that I am) that my courage would not fail me if I were ever put to the test.


  6. Brother Burrito says:

    Kathleen, I am sure that God only desires his “ordained”* heroes to make the ultimate sacrifice in defence of the Faith. Such an act would show heroic goodness, and would gather many souls to Christ.

    Being gruesomely threatened with death renders choices made under such duress less than fully morally culpable. God works with our imperfect choices.

    I know that in their situation, I would say whatever the lunatic gunman wants me to say if it would save the lives of my family. I would live to fight another day, and then perhaps win.

    *those lay or religious who know internally and spiritually that they must give up everything to witness the Faith.

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  7. GC says:

    Of course, Brother B, many Christians down the centuries have apostasised under such terrible circumstances. I even believe that after the Roman persecutions there was much controversy over whether these apostates could be re-admitted to the communion of the Church. I think in the end they were granted that privilege after a prescribed period of soul-searching and sorrowing.

    Still, when it comes to ordinary folk enduring to the end, I am reminded of the Martyrs of Angers during the Terror (of the French Revolution). In an article about them right here on CP&S, we saw there . . . the martyrs included 11 other priests, 3 religious women, 4 laymen and 80 laywomen. Among the laywomen (the vast majority of the martyrs, please note) were several who were mother and daughter, several who were sisters and one group a household of mother, three daughters and the servant!

    Yes 80 laywomen (including the servant) and only 4 laymen. What happened, boys?

    I gather all of these martyrs were given the opportunity to abandon their faith by their “enlightened” persecutors, but could not find it within themselves, even from the start.

    We will have the happiness of seeing God and possessing Him for all eternity . . . and we will be possessed by Him without fear of being ever separated from Him. [Blessed Marie-Anne Vaillot, Daughter of Charity of St Vincent De Paul, martyred 1 February 1794]

    The sisters were saying to the companions nearest them: a crown is destined for us, let us not lose it today . . . just a little more effort and victory is ours.


  8. toadspittle says:

    “The islamic jihadist lies to the Yazidis telling them their conversion will “save them from Hell”!! Poor gullible fools!”
    Isn’t it possible, even very likely, Kathleen – that the Islamic Jihadist is telling the Yazidies the truth, as he sees it?
    If you told a lot of poor, gullible, foolish, Muslims their conversion to Catholicism would “…save them from Hell,” …would you be lying?
    I wonder if any South American natives were ever offered the choice by the Spaniards between converting and being roasted alive? I read somewhere that some Aztec, or Inca King or other, was told that if he converted before the Conquistadores killed him – as they had told him they were going to, – he would then go to Heaven “Where do Spaniards go, when they die?” he asked.
    “To Heaven, of course, ” was their answer.
    “Then I don’t think I’ll bother,” said the king


  9. toadspittle says:

    Blimey! Look at all those thumbs! (and none of them mine, I swear – not even any of the “up” ones!) Somebody is paying attention, at least.
    …Really rather gratifying.
    Now, if each of Les Six would step forward and give their reasons…Tip-top!


  10. toadspittle says:

    We won’t bite those commentators that we disagree with, will we, Kathleen? – well, hardly at all.
    I won’t anyway … (Oh, well, all right – I might just have a teeny little nibble round the edges.)


  11. kathleen says:

    Oh no, we won’t bite them Toad, but we’ll thank them politely for their “attention”! 😆
    I’ve got a fair bundle of “thumbs down” – probably well deserved for my little outburst last night – but I don’t care; it’s just water off a duck’s back. Most of them, anyway, might well be from Muslims that look in here in quite high numbers, to read the popular “Jesus instead of Jihad… etc.” post, and then would get (understandably) very miffed by my comment.

    (The only thing I’m worried about is possibly having offended my old pal, JH. by calling him “insensitive”… Forgive me JH; I do love you really! 😉 )

    Just to clarify one thing though: no one is saying that all adherents of Islam are either evil or terrorists – of course not. The vast majority of Muslims are normal law-abiding citizens, and I know many who are really pleasant and friendly. Their religion though is inherently evil and perverse, and its spread by coercion or ‘by the sword’ that is currently taking place today is something that should greatly concern not only our leaders (who have procrastinated long enough in taking action) but every honest non-muslim, Christian or otherwise.
    Just take a look at these two interesting links from commenters on a post by Chalcedon at AATWF:


  12. GC says:

    I wonder if any South American natives were ever offered the choice by the Spaniards between converting and being roasted alive?

    Is that supposed to be a real question, Toad, or merely a rhetorical one? If the latter, I think the answer is “prove it”.

    If you are thinking of Atahualpa, the Ecuadorean Inca king, then I think you do misrepresent. Pizarro had already decided to burn the Inca king to destroy the independence of the Inca kingdom. That is what Pizarro, who only had a few hundred soldiers, worked out he would do. It was not at all a case of convert or burn.

    If you’re thinking of the play/movie “The Royal Hunt of the Sun” in the 60s, that has quite a different story. Pizarro actually converted to the Inca religion there and Atahualpa was garotted so that he could resurrect the next morning.

    Now, Toad, were you going to tell us more about all those roastings?


  13. johnhenrycn says:

    “The only thing I’m worried about is possibly having offended my old pal, JH.”

    Why would you ever think that, Kathleen? I hold your comments in the highest regard.That we sometimes differ shows that, whilst we are both Catholics, we recognise the intellectual dangers inherent in confirmation bias, and accept that our religion welcomes debate.


  14. johnhenrycn says:

    “I wonder if any South American natives were ever offered the choice by the Spaniards between converting and being roasted alive?”

    I see that Toad quote in GC’s last comment. I’m wondering if “any South American natives” were ever actually roasted alive by the Spaniards. Not up on my South American history.


  15. GC says:

    I’m sure we would have heard of it from our good old friends in the media long before this, JH, if they had been. I suspect toads will illumine us shortly.

    The Spaniards shot or sliced up quite a few, most regrettably, but I think the story is mainly that very nasty old world bugs carried off very considerably more. They were Christian bugs, no doubt, just as they were in North America, only a bit later.


  16. johnhenrycn says:

    Why does Toad make things up?


  17. toadspittle says:

    Wondering is “not making things up”, JH.
    But, yes, I do make things up.
    For fun. It’s “creative.” Dickens used to do it.


  18. toadspittle says:

    I’m perfectly prepared to believe the Inca story was not true. I’m also prepared to believe the Spaniards never forcibly persuaded anyone to become Catholics against their wish. Not even Moors or Jews, let alone Aztecs. Perish the thought!
    Anyway, it reminded me of another story, also doubtless untrue, a fib, and made up:
    A Jesuit was trying to convert a Mongol chief.
    “When you die as a Catholic, you will go to Heaven,” he told him,
    “How many horses will I have there?” said the chief.
    “None,” the priest told him.
    “…Why the heck would I want to go there, then?” asked the chief.


  19. Tom Fisher says:

    I’m wondering if “any South American natives” were ever actually roasted alive by the Spaniards. Not up on my South American history.

    Well many were burned alive during the sack of Tenochtitlan. Those that were burned within the confines of burning buildings might be said to have been roasted. though I’m not an expert in the terminology.

    But the overall point remains valid: The psychotic, greed driven rape of the New World by the Spanish Empire, which the Church protested against at the time, (appalled churchmen recorded its worst horrors) is a reminder of the depths to which a nominally Catholic society can sink when the faith is co-opted by the powerful.


  20. Tom Fisher says:

    The Spaniards shot or sliced up quite a few, most regrettably

    They certainly sliced and shot a lot. But I think it is the mines that should cause the most revulsion. — The image of the thousands upon thousands of innocents worked to death mining for precious metals by the Conquistadors has stayed with me since I first studied the period many years ago.

    There may (due to the mercy of God) be some Conquistadors not in hell, but nonetheless the Spanish conquest was one of the most purely evil events in human history.


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