Dome of Home documentary

This 25 minute documentary, with contributions from Bishop Mark Davies of the Shrewsbury Diocese, shows how the “Dome of Home” church – the Church of Ss Peter, Paul and Philomena – is thriving under the care of Canon Amaury Montjean and the Institute of Christ the King.

The documentary has extensive coverage of the Traditional Latin Mass, and discusses the way other sacraments are celebrated in the church, with excerpts from an extraordinary form baptism and confirmation. It considers the history, heritage and future of this beautiful church.

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2 Responses to Dome of Home documentary

  1. Mimi says:



  2. kathleen says:

    @ mmvc (Maryla)

    What a wonderful documentary – amazingly well presented and filmed! Congratulations once again to your highly talented son, Philip. How excited I am at the idea that I shall soon be visiting this lovely Church I have heard so much about!

    In Madrid (from where I have just returned) there is thriving growing community of the ICKSP (Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest) that is producing an encouraging amount of vocations to the priesthood. I was told by a friend that one of the priests jokingly complained that as soon as he had trained a young man how to serve the Tridentine Mass, the altar server would invariably find himself called by God to the seminary soon after, and he would have to start all over again to train another one! 🙂


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