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Deacon Nick Donnelly on “The Synod on the Family: a battle between the desert of sin and the garden of grace”.

Published with the permission of the Editor, Catholic Voice Ireland.   Catholic Voice is Europe’s latest and fastest growing Catholic newspaper, published every two weeks in Ireland and the U.K. Their mission is simple, they exist only to serve the … Continue reading


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The Holy Rosary – Mary’s Battering Ram

Today is the last day of October, the month of the Holy Rosary, and marked out especially in this year 2014 for being the 800th anniversary of the heavenly gift of the Holy Rosary to St. Dominic, and through him … Continue reading

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Sex-selective Abortions Greatly Disfavour Baby Girls

The recent 34th anniversary of China’s “one-child policy” has focused renewed attention on sex-selection abortions. According to surveys  “there are an estimated 37 million more men than women in China today. This gender imbalance is a major force driving sexual slavery … Continue reading

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Julian of Norwich: The ‘Sharpness’ of Sin and the Goodness of Contrition

This is a must-read!

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What is Sanctifying Grace?

A really great sermon by Video Sancto What is this grace? Do we need it? If we die without it we cannot live in heaven, but if we die with it we can. What are you doing to secure this … Continue reading

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Coming out of Sodom

By Eric Hess on Celebrate Life As best as I can determine, my same-sex attraction began in reaction to my father, who was a violent alcoholic. He often drank, came home to throw things around the house and abuse my … Continue reading

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When light passes through a polarizer, only photons vibrating in one particular plane are allowed through. Thus the emerging light is dimmer, some of the original light has been lost. This is how Polaroid sunglasses work, especially to filter out … Continue reading

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What is the Wrath of God?

By Msgr. Charles Pope In Yesterday’s (Sunday of the 30th Week) Mass there was a reference to the wrath of God and how only Jesus can save us from it. St Paul, writing to the Thessalonians, commends them who have turned … Continue reading

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Pope Francis doesn’t have to “break the Church”

Posted on 26 October 2014 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf Last summer during Acton University I had the chance to get to talk at length with Russ Douthat of Hell’s Bible (aka The New York Times… echo chamber of record for … Continue reading

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Religion Without Dogma…

Great article from Patheos     (H/T to @BruvverEccles ) October 20, 2014 by Fr. Dwight Longenecker …is like playing tennis without a net. It results in a certain formlessness, the reduction of an intellectually vigorous and astringent faith to something sentimental … Continue reading

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Scholars are hoping the Vatican will soon open its archive on Pius XII (Rome Reports)

Pius XII lead the Catholic Church for 19 years: from 1939 until his death in 1958. Now the Vatican could possibly make 16 million documents from his pontificate available in 2015. This archive could help shed some light on some … Continue reading

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Lectio Divina: 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

Dirc van Delf Moses Receives the Ten Commandments Love Dictates Us to Love Paris, October 24, 2014 ( Monsignor Francesco Follo 1) The total Love. Jesus lived among men, and He, the Emmanuel, stays just because He loves us. To … Continue reading

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First Major Text of Benedict XVI Ratzinger following resignation – On Catholic Faith, Missions, and other Religions Message of Pope Emeritus Benedict X

From: Message of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI for the naming of the reformed Aula Magna of the Pontifical Urbaniana University   October 21, 2014  I would like to in the first place express my heartfelt thanks to the Rector and … Continue reading

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Hymn Of The Welsh Reformation Martyrs

Can be sung to: Hyfrydol (Alleluia, Sing to Jesus) or Blaenwern (Love Divine) Came a time upon our nation when the faith of Rome was banned. Christians found their hearts were broken torn apart throughout our land. Thus a traitor … Continue reading

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Another Saintly Son of Our Lady

A favourite quote from this Saintly son of Mary: “What has our Lord not done for the glory of His Father and for the salvation of souls? Ah, I see Him agonising on the cross, despised, and loaded with suffer­ings. … Continue reading

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