An Asian Ave Maria

Before the month of the Queen of the Rosary is out, one very adequate Ave Maria from the Christian city of Manado in Indonesia to the Queen of Christian hearts. Please do listen.

See here for where the devil Manado might be exactly. In fact, the Portuguese and the Spanish squabbled over it for years and years.

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3 Responses to An Asian Ave Maria

  1. johnhenrycn says:

    Una versión hermosa [or] uma bela versão, depending on whether you speak Spanish or Portuguese, or neither (like me 😉


  2. On of the finest compositions of the Ave Maria, sung by a VERY fine choir, I have ever heard. Thank you


  3. GC says:

    Yes indeed, David and JH, it’s a very fine setting. I personally am struck by how the whole anthem seems to pivot around (and repeat often) the words ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum while getting on with the other bits at the same time. These words become the essence of the prayer and it is extremely moving.

    And it is, as you say, David, a very good effort by a choir from a small city (of about 400 thousand) in one of the more remote regions of the “developing” world. They are to be admired and congratulated.

    The Dominican University in Manila probably does better, but we should probably expect that of the 403 year old Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomás, Manila:


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