Fr. George Roth: A Day With Mary, Our Lady of Fatima

It is still the month of the Holy Rosary, and in this brilliant homily, Fr. Roth gives us some solid Catholic reminders.

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7 Responses to Fr. George Roth: A Day With Mary, Our Lady of Fatima

  1. lavsdeo says:

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  2. God bless Father George! He pulls no punches and how the faithful desperately need to hear what he has to say.


  3. johnhenrycn says:

    Fr George mentions (at 1:47) that he comes from Cornwall. His accent sounds to me as if he’s from New York or New Jersey: just a faint touch of rhotacism, sometimes called the ‘Jersey R’, because it’s quite common there. Not a speech impediment – more like a regional idiosyncrasy


  4. kathleen says:

    JH – yes, I think you are right. I remember hearing somewhere that Fr. George Roth was of British (English) origin but had lived most of his life in the USA, from where he probably obtained his “faint touch of rhotacism*”.

    * I had to look that word ‘rhotacism’ up in the dictionary! One learns something new every day. 😉


  5. Blatchford Sarnemington says:

    Well, this is a bit late to the game, as it were…. but to answer the question of his heritage, Father George is very proudly from Brooklyn, New York. He spent over 30 years teaching English composition and literature at His high school alma mater, Saint Francis Prepatory High School as a Franciscan brother. A keen sportsman, he coached tennis there for several decades; as a senior in the class of 1955, was he captain of the school baseball team, which included the famous Yankee player and manager, Joe Torre. Father George was drawn to the FI in the 1990s where he was ordained to the priesthood, having spent time at FI monasteries in New York and New England (Bedford, Massachusetts, principally). He became chaplain at Lanherne, St. Mawgan, Cornwall in 2003. For the last several years he has been assigned to Saint Mary parish in Gosport, UK, where he continues to preach, host conferences, and offer Mass in the extraordinary (Tridentine) form to this day.

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  6. kathleen says:

    @ Blatchford Sarnemington

    Thank you for this information on Fr George Roth (FI). You are quite right, he is a true American, a real character, and a wonderful faithful priest as I was privileged to discover for myself a couple of years after I wrote the above comment (in 2014) when he joined our British chapter on the three-day Chartres pilgrimage at Pentecost. Since then we have been blessed to have a group of Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate from Gosport join us every year on this amazing pilgrimage.
    I am still hopeful that one day I can get down to Gosport for one of the enriching FI retreats offered there, and to renew my friendship with this holy priest, Fr Roth.


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