CP&S readers can view today, in fact right now,  a direct webcast of the liturgical installation of Dr Anthony Fisher OP as ninth Archbishop of Sydney (and Cardinal Pell’s successor) at the Cathedral Church of St Mary, Help of Christians, Sydney, starting from 7 a.m. British time. Probably worth a look. Sydney’s mother church does things well.

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5 Responses to Anthony Fisher OP installed today as Sydney’s 9th Archbishop

  1. Brother Burrito says:

    I have been watching this feed since the Collect, (and so has dear GC!) and I am blown away by the sheer QUALITY of the worship, and the sermon. I hope it is available to latecomers.

    Archbishop Fisher is the man to watch, if you ask me.

    Australia is like what the UK should be.


  2. GC says:

    Hello, Brother Burrito, and what a delight it was bumping into you on the webcast commentary! Everybody there seemed very high-spirited, didn’t they.

    It was marvellous, wasn’t it, and fortunately the liturgy will be replayed shortly on http://www.xt3.com/installation/ .

    A schola of mid to late adolescent boys sang Vespers of the Blessed Virgin first (at 54 minutes – 00:54:00), so a good point at which to start viewing the enthronement would be at about the 1 hour 37 min 30 sec mark (01:37:30, just in time for James MacMillan’s Summae Trinitati, “To the Most High Trinity”).

    British viewers will notice that 3 compositions by James MacMillan were used, such as his Ecce sacerdos magnus (Behold a great priest).

    Well worth watching. I’m sure Cardinal Pell was tuned in.

    Our very willing prayers for the new Archbishop of Sydney and its faithful people.

    (Something of a favourite, I think, for our friend Jabba at 3:37:00 – and the new archbishop’s blessing at 3:42:00.)


  3. kathleen says:

    So sorry to have missed this, having been out all morning, but thanks a mil GC for the link to the replay that I shall most certainly be watching this afternoon. 🙂

    Yes, lots of prayers for the new Archbishop Fisher of Sydney (it won’t be an easy task at this challenging time for the Catholic Church) and yes, prayers for all “the faithful people” of Sydney too.


  4. doubting thomas says:

    Just come home from the installation of the new Archbishop. It was a really fantastic event, starting with the welcome from representatives of the Aboriginal people on the steps of the Cathedral, the procession, the music (Thomas Wilson is an inspired director of music), the liturgy and homily (take from it what you will. I thought it spoke volumes for the character of the man) , the prayers for the faithful in the many different languages that make up our congregations, his parents taking the host up…I think we will see a continued consolidation and growth under the guidance of Archbishop Fisher, with the assistance and support of his priests, nuns and lay people. As he said tonight, he will retire in 2035. He has time to grow into it.


  5. GC says:

    Brother Burrito, if you touched base at the collect, you would have missed the charming young man with the guitar.

    kathleen, the enthronement was a real lift to the spirit in these difficult days for the Church. However, the archdiocese seems very solid in terms of what they call “infrastructure” these days, with even two Catholic universities! It is now in the good hands of a scholar and a solicitous shepherd.

    You know the first two archbishops of Sydney were English Benedictines? The second one, Roger Vaughan OSB, was the brother of Cardinal Herbert Vaughan of Westminster. And the requiem of the first archbishop, Bede Polding OSB, was attended by one hundred thousand people!


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