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“A Share In Christ’s Cross Is His Greatest Gift To Us” – Fr. Michael Rodriguez

These words were uttered by Fr. Michael Rodriguez last Sunday in his emotional farewell homily to his congregation of the Sacred Heart Mission in Shafter, Texas, USA. In this, one of the most honest, beautiful and wholly Catholic homilies ever, Fr … Continue reading

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Pope Francis…. and me.

I will start this post with a confession.  I am not the most enthusiastic admirer of Pope Francis. To my simple mind I find some of his pronouncements mildly confusing. When the proclamation was made: “Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum: HABEMUS … Continue reading

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Hissing In The Wind

When confronted by the tsunami of news and information available today, it is easy to be overwhelmed and seek comfort in bitterness, but the better way is to see that there is goodness even in helplessness and hopelessness. Our Blessed … Continue reading

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