Three Advent hymns

Mary, Did You Know?

Veni Veni Emmanuel

The Angel Gabriel (Old Basque Carol)

“Advent, the liturgical season… that prepares us for Christmas, places us before the luminous mystery of the coming of the Son of God, the great “Benevolent Plan” with which he wants to draw us to Himself, to help us live in full communion of joy and peace with Him. Advent invites us once again, in the midst of many difficulties, to renew our awareness that God is present: He came into the world, becoming a man like us, to bring His plan of love to fullness. And God demands that we become a sign of his action in the world. Through our faith, our hope, our love, He wants to enter the world again and again; He wants to shine His light in our night” – Pope Benedict XVI.

[Update: I have changed the version of “The Angel Gabriel” carol due to some dubious lines in the script of the first one.]

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1 Response to Three Advent hymns

  1. Gertrude says:

    Ah but Kathleen – the Benedictines at Ephesus sing divinely.


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