Authentic Heresy

A great post, giving a clear and very accurate description of Islam.

A H/T to Michael Kenny who pointed me to this article.

Team Orthodoxy

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of reporting about what Pope Francis said about Islam. Many articles, even from supposedly respectable establishments, blatantly misquoted him (as has become almost the norm), to pretend that he claimed the Koran is “prophetic”.

Obviously, these misquotations are ridiculous and frustrating, but what our pope actually did say is actually, in my opinion, far more concerning.

Let me be clear before I go any further. I am going to criticise Pope Francis. Pope Francis is the legitimate pope, the successor of St. Peter, and he has my respect and loyalty as a Catholic. But all popes can be, and are, wrong about some things when they are not speaking ex-cathedra, on behalf of the Church.

For the sake of the truth, and those who would be harmed by falsehood, it must be said: Pope Francis is very wrong in some of…

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2 Responses to Authentic Heresy

  1. “Team Orthodoxy” is absolutely, one-hundred-percent on the mark with this article. It clearly and openly expresses what many of us have been thinking to ourselves for a very, very long time. It is perhaps too much to hope, though, that government leaders in Europe, North America, and elsewhere will be able to understand this kind of thinking. We can only hope – and pray – that it’s not already too late for that kind of insight.


  2. Roger says:

    At last. The Faith not Faiths that is pure masonry. Our Lord said to St Peter “loves Thou Me more than the rest?” Peter must put Christ first, must preach Christ first. Instead this sophistry over Faiths what about Christ?. Our Lady said “We must first and formost live good lives!!!” That is Holy lives of virtue and Faith. Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven.
    Authentic Heresy? Heresy comes from the greek meaning “to choose” Free Will and Self centred. Freedom and personal choice? But we have to renouncing this false freedom and yes personal choice if we place God first. Behold the Hand Maiden of the Lord!!
    Defend the core beliefs of the Catholic Faith handed down for two millenium.
    Pure water cannot flow through a soiled pipe without becoming contaminated.
    Where is this Pure water to be found today? Mixing Truth with Islam and whatever else beliefs is to contaminate the water. Pollute the Faith.
    I do not listen to priest nor prelate that preaches other than the Catholic Faith of All Time. I do not listen to Politicians whose policies destroy marriage and babies in their Mothers wombs. I do not listen to Atheist scientists. I do not listen to those who deny Our Lord.


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