Mario Joseph, Muslim Imam Convert

This is one of the most amazing and moving conversion stories I have ever heard. It a testimony, wrought with suffering and persecution, of one honest Muslim man’s journey to discover Who Jesus really was. In his subsequent conversion from Islam to Christianity Mario Joseph finds the fullness of Truth in the Catholic Church. This interview was first broadcast on the Spanish TV programme, “Changing Tracks”. (N.B. There is one thing he quotes from the apocryphal gospels that should be overlooked; everything else is a fascinating journey in his search for the True God.)

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2 Responses to Mario Joseph, Muslim Imam Convert

  1. reinkat says:

    What an interesting testimony. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    I’ve just finished reading The House in the Sky, about Amanda Lindhout’s kidnapping and days as a prisoner in Somalia, so Islamic fundamentalism has been much on my mind.
    I never knew of these things in the Koran that Mario Joseph mentions, nor of other customs he speaks of.


  2. Some very compelling stuff here.


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