The Heavens Torn Apart | Baptism of the Lord 2015

. . . In Heaven, the Creator’s authority held sway and was uncontested.  But on earth this same authority was contested in every heart.  Therefore, the earth was filled with injustice and avarice, thus motivating someone like the prophet Isaiah to plead with God that He would tear the heavens open and unleash and rain down His justice (of the destructive kind).  “If You would but tear open the heavens and come down, So that mountains would quake before You…” Isa 64:1 . . .

. . . We’re here today because we know heaven is open. And the good news is that the tear has not been repaired. Heaven’s grace is still leaking, no, it is still invading this earth. Now heaven is torn open when the heart of a sinner turns from sin to grace. Now heaven is torn open when the Word of God is read. Now heaven is torn open every time a baby or adult is baptised. Heaven is torn open each time we come before the Lord’s altar and receive the body and blood of Jesus in His holy Sacrament. Heaven is open, and God gives us His Holy Spirit . . . and when we die, we will truly see heaven torn open as God’s holy angels come down to escort our spirits into His presence – until the day heaven is really torn open, when our Saviour comes in His glory with all His holy angels to judge the earth.

Please read the rest of Father Michael Chua’s homily for today on Father’s own blog, entitled Your Grace is Sufficient.

Father Chua is priest of the parish of Our Lady of Lourdes, Klang in the 200,000-strong Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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