Pope Francis arrives in the Philippines

Within the last hour Pope Francis arrived in Manila and is now on his way into town, receiving a very warm welcome indeed from the people all along the way. They have been given what amounts to a five-day holiday by the mayor, Joseph Estrada. All church bells in the whole of the Philippines were rung from 5:45 pm local time just as the Pope was due to arrive to welcome him.

RTVMalacañang is providing a live webcast  for each day of the whole apostolic visit.

This is their webcast of the Pope’s arrival today:

Manila time is eight hours ahead of London, so it is already after sunset in the Philippines, which was at 5:46 pm today in the capital (9:46 am in London).



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5 Responses to Pope Francis arrives in the Philippines

  1. mjaldon says:

    It’s a great joy to know that the Holy Father is there!


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  3. GC says:

    Manolito (mjaldon), we are aware how our brothers and sisters in the Philippines love a jolly good religious festival, especially in January, in the “winter” there, I think they call it??!!

    May the Pope’s apostolic visit serve to increase the hope, faith and charity of the Filipinos for many years to come.


  4. GC says:

    It was rain ponchos everybody, even the Pope and Monsignor Marini, as yet another typhoon was approaching when Francis arrived in Tacloban and Palo this morning. These neighbouring cities were the worst affected by the typhoon in 2013, not long before Christmas in November.


  5. GC says:

    At 6 am in London, Pope Francis is making his way to Rizal Park (Luneta) on the shores of Manila Bay to celebrate Mass there before millions in expected light rain at 7 am London time.

    It will be Mass for the feast of the Holy Child, the Santo Niño, commemorated each year in the Philippines on the third Sunday of January.


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