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Who Am I to Judge?

By RONALD MANN on ‘Crisis Magazine‘ I am sick and tired of this “who am I to judge?” silliness. Only God can judge the state of the human soul. But it is pure humbug to suggest we cannot and should … Continue reading

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“Crypto-Lefebvrianism” & the Willful Confusion Around the SSPX

Author: Steve Skojec I was on the receiving end of the “crypto-lefebrvist” charge yesterday – a neat trick considering that the originator of that term is now sentenced to pay hefty restitution for defaming the founder of a religious order. … Continue reading

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A Novice Reminisces about Thomas Merton

From My Unquiet Heart Part 1 Part 2

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What Is The Endpoint Of Lent, Apart From Easter Sunday*?

Forty days and forty nights of devotion to the Lord don’t come easy, especially when it involves fasting and abstinence and extra emphasis on one’s spiritual health via prayer and the Sacraments. The compleat Christian has the following qualities: 1) … Continue reading


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Two Meditative Hymns for Lent

Attende Domine To Thee, highest King, Redeemer of all, do we lift up our eyes in weeping: Hear, O Christ, the prayers of your servants.  Hear us, O Lord, and have mercy, because we have sinned against Thee! … Innocent, He was … Continue reading

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England and Liberty: The Problem of Catholicism

From The Imaginative Conservative It is undeniable that American constitutionalism and the ordered liberty it provides have historical roots in England. Nevertheless, one might be excused for finding it somewhat ironic that American Catholics join other Americans in seeing themselves … Continue reading

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An Understanding of Temptation

We had no ‘Lectio Divina’ on the Mass readings this past Sunday, but the Gospel of the three Temptations of Jesus is one that is very important for us to understand as we commence our Lenten journey towards Holy Week. … Continue reading

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Lent Ain’t About YOU!

LISTEN TO THIS SERMON by Fr Larry Richards. It won’t take long, and may change you permanently for the better.

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Minimalist Monday: 10 Simplifying Lessons from The Rule of St. Benedict

Whether you’re Christian or not, some interesting insights can be gained from The Rule of St. Benedict. For those constantly overwhelmed by physical possessions, internal clutter and society’s spiralling superfluity, The Rule of St. Benedict, can be a mighty tool … Continue reading

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The Secret of True Love

By David Torkington Many years ago when I used to run courses for school leavers, I used to begin by asking the boys and girls to tell me when they were last really happy. I remember one boy said that … Continue reading

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Fellow Blogger VOX CANTORIS Threatened with Lawsuit by Vatican Official Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB

We may have come late to announcing this shocking news, already widely reported by Catholic bloggers all over the web, but we stand firmly with Vox Cantoris (David Domet) and in solidarity with him for his valiant fight for Truth, … Continue reading

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Kneeling for Communion

(Please excuse the poor choice of music for this YouTube video.) I have no alternative but to attend a Novus Ordo Mass, except for every first Sunday of the month when a visiting priest comes to our city to celebrate … Continue reading

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Francis says “Reform of the Reform” is “mistaken”. “Traditionalist” seminarians criticized, Pope says their “imbalances” are manifested in their celebration of the liturgy

Again, we must thank Rorate for bringing this worrying news from Rome to wider attention. Most media attention on Pope Francis’ annual meeting with the clergy of Rome (held yesterday, February 19) has been focused on his remarks on … Continue reading

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The times are dire. So where are the priests we desperately need to lead us?

By ANTHONY ESOLEN You are an eighty-year-old scout and trapper on the high plains far west of the Mississippi. You have with you an officer of the United States Army, a roving hunter of beehives, their affianced brides, an almost … Continue reading

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A Blessed who spread Devotion to the Way of the Cross

Blessed Alvarez of (Córdoba) Cordova (1350-1430) whose feast day is celebrated on 19th February, was born to a noble family in Zamora, Spain. He joined the Dominican Order and preached throughout Spain. Upon his return from pilgrimage to the Holy … Continue reading

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