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We must be careful with our arguments. To say that because x happened after y, that means x caused y is common enough, and may, if evidenced, be correct; but in the case of the Second Vatican Council, this is not only not the case, it misses what did happen.

Those who would not, in ordinary circumstances, believe a modernist if he told you his name, take for granted they speak correctly when they attribute the changes they have foisted on the Church in the West to ‘Vatican II’; that, in itself, ought to give us all pause for thought. It is not, after all, as though some of these people, or their ideas were new, formed during the Council, or contained in the Council documents; why then take them at their word? Taking them at their word on this one leads where it usually leads, to dissent and disunion…

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A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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5 Responses to Smoke of Satan

  1. Tribunus says:

    Well, folks.

    I posted a reply to the Raven as promised but Moderator has again censored it. No doubt he’ll be telling me that it went into the “Spam Folder”.

    All by accident, of course.

    After all, this Blog welcomes open discussion, no?

    At the risk of being uncivil, I wonder if even this post will get past the ever-moderate “Moderator”.

  2. kathleen says:


    You posted it on the comment thread of the Raven’s “Lectio Divina” article and I released it from the spam folder this morning. I’m sorry; I don’t know why this is happening.

  3. Tribunus says:

    Thank you, Kathleen. Very kind. I’m glad there is now someone objective and fair in the Moderator’s chair!

  4. Roger says:

    The smoke of Satan?
    The Faith is the Light of Christ. That is the Sun is not obscured. At Fatima the clouds that obscured the Sun parted. The Sun can be eclipsed by the Moon. Hence the two mottos De Meditate Lunae and De Labore Solis (Eclipse).
    Paul VI refered expressly to the smoke of Satan. Which is the obscuring of the Light of the Faith.
    There is never smoke without Fire hence Satan smoke points to Hell (again seen at Fatima).
    What happens if the Faith is obscured? Well human opinion, flawed human opinion dominates. It isn’t about the shield of devotion, the public view of the Faith. It is about the fruits of the Faith. What are these fruits? Justice and Peace (not as the World views Justice and Peace!) also the correction of Sins.
    The smoke of Satan and the obscuring of Sin. Sin that kills the Soul! Christ Peace and Justice which is the Governance of the Cross which every Man must carry.
    The fruits of the smoke of Satan and worldly human opinions are evidenced in a General Apostacy.

  5. The second sentence of the article runs: “To say that because x happened after y, that means x caused y is common enough….”

    Perhaps it should be the other way around: “To say that because x happened after y, that means y caused x is common enough….”

    “We must be careful with our arguments.” Indeed.

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