Acting on Inspirations

Three Crosses and Silhoutted Person in Prayer at Sunrise

From the moment the Apostles left the Upper Room, fired up with the love and gifts of the Holy Spirit, to preach the Good News to all men, the Catholic Church has produced countless numbers of saints and scholars who bring their godly inspirations to other men. These inspirations, tested by their authentic source from God when they fall in line with His Holy Word and Magisterial teachings, have brought great and unfathomable blessings to the Church. In our conflicting times, when the Church is being besieged both from within and without by enemies of Christ, the Holy Spirit continues to protect the Church’s sacred Deposit of Faith more than ever by inspiring men and women to carry on her mission in the World and combat the errors of her enemies. May we pray for the humble ability to open our hearts and minds to the Voice of Our Lord, Who speaks to our innermost soul. May we have the steadfast courage to fulfill His Dive inspirations.

From ‘Inspiring Prayer’ by The Servant oF God, Fr. John Hardon SJ

“No human being can be as close to us as the Son of God in the Spirit that dwells in our souls. All we have to do, therefore, is act on our belief and open our minds in prayer. The moment we begin to pray our minds are open. And as long as we remain in the posture of prayer, whether we are conscious of it or not, whether we realise it or not, the Spirit of Christ is speaking to our spirit, we make ourselves aware of God and He pours in His divine wisdom.

Once thus enlightened, we must act on what we believe is God’s way of teaching us. Do not let these divinely inspired ideas remain sterile on the mind. They are there to be fructified in action: to be put into practice. Those who believe this and act on their belief achieve great things for the extension of the kingdom of Christ, as witness those great men and women who never doubted they were following Christ when they follow the illuminations He inspired in their minds during prayer.”

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