Why I Hate The Past Tense

Cana, the prefiguring.

The past is dead, it is in ashes, it cannot be brought back. Historians pick over its remains to try to find the cause of death, and in this they are like pathologists of the human condition. By their efforts, they try to trace a reasoned explanation for why humans do what they do, and perhaps uncover the other forces at work in history.

We humans are time-locked and have a very poor natural understanding of eternity. Eternity is where God is at home and is present to every-when and everywhere and everything, always. God has total power over Heaven and Creation, but does not use this whimsically, like some deranged dictator. His rule is reasoned and law-abiding, though He knows how to break the rules if such a break enhances Beauty. We call such breaks “miracles”.

God, like us, likes Beauty. He wants a Beautiful Spouse, worthy of Him. For this He has created His Church, who is bound for blissful espousal to Him in Eternity.

In human time, we can only see a Church unshapely and pocked with sores, far from ready for her wedding day.

In contrast, God sees her great beauty, marred briefly by puppy fat and acne. We must not despair, but instead keep our lamps alight for the Bridegroom’s arrival.



About Brother Burrito

A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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10 Responses to Why I Hate The Past Tense

  1. toadspittle says:

    Toad hates the subjunctive, himself.

    “We humans are time-locked and have a very poor natural understanding of eternity.”
    We humans have no understanding of eternity.
    Despite that, we still insist on desiring it.
    The unconscionable in pursuit of the incomprehensible
    (…to paraphrase Oscar the Catholic.).

  2. Roger says:

    The Church is, Glory (those in Heaven); Purgatory and Militant (on Earth).
    The Church Militant is a poor view of the Church.
    Self interests and the Body senses, this is the view of the world of the animal.
    Modern Man and His Science persists at that level, that of the Animal and hence materialism. Faith is superior revealed knowledge and we are called to live through the eyes of Faith.
    Faith isn’t time locked because everything past present and future is immediately present to God. Man is not God.
    Man created lives forever! It is not a question of desiring Eternity man will live for Eternity.
    Man’s Free Choice, which is defended by God, Heaven or Hell.
    We have to earn and choose Heaven in this brief moment of Flesh called by the worldly Life.
    The Great Apostacy is the world choosing to live the Life of the Animal over that of the Life of Faith.

  3. Brother Burrito says:

    Humans can gain glimpses of eternity by intuition, a supra-reasonal mode of thought provided to the human mind on occasion, by God.

    I was going to write para-reasonal, but was worried that some readers might think this mode would only be available to members of the Parachute Regiment 😉

  4. Roger says:

    God put into Adam a living Soul. Man in God’s image. Our Soul knows eternity. The Soul has no age. Man knows that there is a God. The Bible is not about proving God its about Us understanding God. The Gospels reveal the Man God and the Deposit of Public Revelation given to the Church. The Apostles Creed is very important because we live Faith, Faith is superior to what Man can through reason and experiment can determine. The Truth will set you Free which is why we must always seek the Truth.

  5. toadspittle says:

    “Our Soul knows eternity. “
    Then why don’t we? Is “our soul” keeping it a secret from us?
    “The Bible is not about proving God its about Us understanding God. “
    We can’t possibly understand God. Only God can do that. All we can understand is our idea of God. Which is a very different thing.

    If it’s a question of going to heaven or hell – I must choose heaven. No idea what it’s like, it does sound fearfully boring, but I don’t fancy spending eternity being roasted at Gas Mark 6 and prodded by demons with pitchforks.
    Which, if Lucia – pin-up of the Fatimanatics, is to be believed – is exactly what will happen to us.

    …What do you think Heaven and Hell are really like, Rogebert?
    Or anyone? And was Lucia to be believed? …Or just pulling our legs?

  6. Tom Fisher says:

    …What do you think Heaven and Hell are really like, Rogebert?
    Or anyone? And was Lucia to be believed? …Or just pulling our legs?

    Speaking only for myself, I’d refer you to The Great Divorce I don’t know if you’ve read it, but even for the complete skeptic it is still an excellent account of the choice every person must make between selfishness and self-giving, heaven and hell.

  7. Roger says:

    What does God look like? Well Our Lord said he who sees me sees the Father. The Trinity appeared in human for to Abraham and visted Lot in Sodom. God presents himself to Us in ways that We can understand.
    Selfless Love bounds the Trinity. The Love of the Father to the Son, The Selfless Love of the Son to the Father, Their Selfless Love begating the Holy Ghost whose Selfless Love is to the Father and the Son. So Selfless Love was placed in Adam and replaced again by the sacraments. Heaven is Selfless Love. Hell is bound by Hatred. Hatred , Envy that burns and eats up for Eternity.
    Man is Flesh, Spirit and Soul. The Resurrection of the Dead will be the complete Man Flesh, Spirit and Soul. Therefor Heaven must be sensible to Man. Hell equally sensible to Man.
    Look at Fatima see the Clouds and Rain over the two Days 12- 13 October 1917, the Obscuring of the Sun THAT burst Forth. LOOK at Fatima not just the Words.

  8. Roger says:

    The Soul? Well look at the Saints and the reading of Consciences! What is Death? The Body? Eternal Death is of the Soul!

  9. toadspittle says:

    “The Resurrection of the Dead will be the complete Man Flesh, Spirit and Soul. “
    When The Elephant man is resurrected, Rogebert, will he still have his face?
    If not, how will we recognise him?
    Will Quasimodo still have his hump? No? Then what?

  10. JabbaPapa says:

    Quasimodo is an artefact of fiction ; as to your request about a certain person that you unflatteringly describe as the “Elephant Man” (in a clear attempt to make some ideologically motivated point disrespective of any decency towards the deceased), cripes, do you EVER consult what the Scripture says before setting fingertips to keyboard in the pursuance of whichever obviously false representations regarding the Catholic Theology ?

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