The radiant City of God

From “The Field Hospital of Twitter Followers” by Alessandro Gnocchi and Mario Palmaro:

Epistle Saint Conleth's Catholic Heritage Association Requiem for Members Kilcock County Kildare November 2012 Spiritan Cunningham CSSp some little, out of the way church there will be always be a priest who celebrates the Mass in a holy way;


stock-footage-old-lady-hands-holding-a-catholic-rosary-or-cucifix-and-praying-to-god-in-heaven-daily-traditionalin a little apartment a solitary old woman with unshakeable faith will say the Rosary;

7115024925_34dee443ca_min a hidden corner of a House of Divine Providence a Sister will look after a baby considered by all as having no worth.

Even when all seems lost, the Church, the City of God, continues to radiate its light on the City of Man. 

In memory of Mario Palmaro, the great Italian traditional Catholic lawyer, bioethicist and professor, husband and father who went to the Lord a year ago today. Requiescat in pace.


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  1. GC says:

    This is lovely.

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