Mardi Gras in the Antipodes

Meanwhile in the Antipodes, the Australian government-established and funded SBS television service has “pulled” a  fully paid-for  political advertisement suggesting that “same-sex marriage” may not be exactly what it is cracked up to be, children-wise anyhow. This, it seems, was consequent to the displeasure expressed by the liberal pro-“gay marriage” establishment in the political commissariat and/or media.

In response to suggestions that this may not be quite an exemplar of the principle of free speech or comment , especially on a government-funded  media service, SBS has forcefully responded that it reserves the right to transmit any advertisement or not, just as it chooses.

Australia’s federal government as yet has not enacted “same-sex marriage”, unlike the government of that smaller nation across the Tasman Sea. Yet a TV service, fully established by and mostly beholden to Australian government funding, chooses to debar comment that opposes a law which is not yet law in this federation of former British colonies. (Apparently, the reason they were British is more than half that King George’s government couldn’t stand the prospect of the French getting them instead.)

Dr David van Gend, the president of the Australian Marriage Forum, who produced the advertisement said it was a “suppression of free speech” and that:

It is outrageous for a taxpayer funded broadcaster like SBS to apply censorship to one side of the debate on same-sex marriage . . . SBS gives free airtime for them to make their political point on ‘marriage equality’, but refuses to show even one minute of a paid ad presenting an opposing view.

The commissariat seems to think that the Australian people should be thoroughly grateful that they are only allowed to hear on government media what their very “liberal”  atheist and agnostic associates allow them to hear.  That’s a “liberal democracy”, a blessing, apparently, bestowed by the Enlightenment, as our atheist friends will point out.

This article is from the Australian Fairfax press, in whose pages you can also read up on the latest recipes, mobile phone apps and the most up-to-date thoughts on the mons pubica.


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  1. …and in the previous essay, Monsignor Pope wrote about the “doom” of our culture.

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