I prefer Heaven!

C’è chi ama la ricchezza e vestirsi come un re;

c’è chi non vuol fare niente, non gli va di faticar.

C’è chi parla sempre troppo, non sa dir la verità

e poi critica ogni cosa, non c’è nulla che va ben.

Ma per me no, non va, non è quel che piace a me.

Paradiso, paradiso, preferisco il paradiso etc.

C’è chi crede d’esser grande, vuol salire fino al ciel.

È fanatico e superbo, crede d’esser chissà che?

C’è chi sogna gran carriere, grandi inchini ed i lacchè,

vuole sempre aver successo ed onori in quantità.

Ma per me no, non va, non è quel che piace a me.

Paradiso, paradiso, preferisco il paradiso etc.

There are those who love wealth and to dress like a king;

There are those who want to do nothing and can’t be bothered.

There are those that always talk too much, but can’t tell the truth

And then criticise everything, nothing is all right.

But for me, this won’t do, that’s not what makes me happy.

I prefer Heaven!

There are those who think they are great and want to soar to the sky,

who are so swept away and stuck up, believing themselves to be who knows what?

Who dream of a great career, of taking their big bows and having their lackeys,

Who always crave success and lots of honours.

But for me, this won’t do, that’s not what makes me happy.

I prefer Heaven.

This song was associated with a 2010 Italian television series about the life of St Philip Neri, founder of the Oratorians with the same title, Preferisco il Paradiso. A story has it that when St Charles Borromeo asked Philip if he wanted to become a cardinal, he (Pippo) answered “I would prefer Heaven”. And he lived in his oratory in Rome until he died at eighty!

Monsignor Marco Frisina, director of the choir of the Diocese of Rome, having some fun in the Lateran Basilica, the Pope’s own cathedral as Bishop of Rome. I believe Maestro Frisina composed the song himself, as he does for many of the religious media productions in Italy.

A blessed Easter to all CP&S readers (even to Toad), your families and other loved ones, and especially to our new (old) brother, John!


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4 Responses to I prefer Heaven!

  1. planechant2 says:

    Mgr Marco Frisina has written some really lovely sacred music. ITunes have got a large selection of which I have just a few.


  2. GC says:

    planechant2, Christ is risen.

    Yes, he’s quite prolific, isn’t he, planechant2, and quite popular in Italy. We had his very pretty Regina Caeli (the Marian hymn for Eastertide) up here last Easter.


  3. GC says:

    There has been a bit of a following of this post according to our secret stats here at CP&S.

    Well, Paradiso has now gone international.

    Here’s the Plainfield Symphony Orchestra (New Jersey), no less, with Monsignor Frisina himself wielding the baton and very much enjoying himself. This is something, as the Plainfield Symphony is apparently one of the the oldest symphony orchestras still at it in the United States. (There’s at least one Prince look-alike in the chorus!)

    The mums and dads, nannas and grampies of Plainfield NJ.


  4. toadspittle says:

    Very enjoyable start to the day!


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