Feisty Nuns

From Father Ed’s Blog (the Tunbridge Wells Ordinariate)


There are those on this blog [Fr. Ed’s blog] who believe I am harsh in criticising modernist liberalism within Christianity. So be it. My criticism will continue because I sincerely believe liberalism anathema; a cancer to true and living faith in Christ Jesus. The leading cause of decline. But as to being harsh – well compared to the much loved Mother Angelica, who formed the EWTN network and who turned 92 this week, I am a pussy-cat!

The video above shows her speaking out against the erosion of Catholic life caused by liberal modernism. Her message delivered following an evening in which she had been subjected to liturgical dance in which Christ was depicted as a woman. Mother was not happy! Scroll to the 8 minute mark if you are short of time to see the main thrust of her arguments. Her points remain valid.

The fortunate thing today is that the fruit of liberalism, or rather the lack of it, is becoming obvious. Wherever the liberal agenda has been attempted there you find a loss of vocation, closure of parishes, disunity, loss of youth and loss of men. And what seemed novel, even trendy, forty years ago is now looking dated and deeply unfashionable. The trend is therefore reversing. Young people today either seek traditional Catholicism or drop out of church altogether.

It leaves a situation on the ground reminiscent of Aristophanes’s “The Wasps”. A generational divide exists in which an elderly leadership hungers for novelty and rebellion – the desire to conform to the world – whilst the younger generation wants to adhere to that which is conventional – the desire to be in the world but not of the world. How much more orthodox is the average Seminarian of 2015 than the average bishop! Thus the pendulum is swinging. This is the last watch of liberal Catholicism before the clock is rolled back. Which is why I predict, that within twenty years, radical change will come.

There may be a few more tricky years to endure yet but then will come a time of rediscovery. A third spring. That which was downplayed will be re-emphasised. Beauty will matter once more. Churches will be re-ordered to restore their former glory. And the church will finally be ready to put into place the actual teaching of Vatican II. For she will have ditched liberal modernism, that politically inspired mess that masqueraded as V2 but was, in truth, a wilful deviation from it.

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3 Responses to Feisty Nuns

  1. “There may be a few more tricky years to endure yet….” Yes, and included in those “tricky years” is the current papacy, which may force us to endure what may be almost unendurable.


  2. johnhenrycn says:

    I’m able to give RJB a ‘thumbs up’, but unable to ‘like’ this post for technical reasons, namely that the ‘like’ button no longer appears on my screen. Generally, this website now has a very strange appearance, and composing comments is becoming quite the exercise in patience.


  3. reinkat says:

    For what it’s worth, yes I see the pendulum swinging. I think you are absolutely correct. From my personal, anecdotal experience, I see it in my parish–which is a Newman Center serving a huge university in what has been called The Most Unchurched state in the Union. The “permanent community” of older folks and professors are very liberal, and the students are very conservative. They long for traditional hymns. They love traditional liturgies and devotions. They say the rosary. They organized and attend Eucharist Adoration. They are pro-life.
    All resistance comes from their elders, and the pastor fights an endless battle against them trying to uphold these traditional ways and teachings.


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