Overwhelming majority in San Francisco support Archbishop Cordileone’s efforts: online poll

[Latest update from LifeSite/News] We did it! In the space of less than a single day we raised the $30k needed to run a full-page ad in the San Francisco Chronicle thanking Archbishop Cordileone for his faithfulness. The response was literally overwhelming. It certainly goes to show just how much ordinary Catholics and pro-life activists like you admire and support the archbishop. Now we’re working on hammering out the details about when and how the ad will run. We’ll keep you updated!

Abp Cordileone

(Three days earlier, from CardinalNewmanSociety.org) — An online poll posted Friday by the San Francisco Chronicle—a strong critic of Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s efforts to fortify the Catholic identity of San Francisco’s Catholic schools—is showing very strong support for the Archbishop’s courageous defense of Catholic teaching. The “weekly poll” is still accepting votes from visitors to the Chronicle website.

The Chronicle—which claims to be the largest circulation daily in northern California—published the poll on Friday, April 17. Readers are invited to respond to the question, “Should Pope Francis remove Archbishop Cordileone from the San Francisco archdiocese?”

As of Monday afternoon, April 20, almost nine out of 10 respondents supported the Archbishop. An overwhelming 77 percent of respondents selected the answer, “No, the archbishop is upholding the values of the Catholic Church.” Another 10 percent chose “No, the archbishop is right to oppose same-sex marriage,” which is not really distinct from “upholding the values of the Catholic Church.”

Only 11 percent responded with, “Yes, the archbishop is fostering a climate of intolerance.” And only 2 percent chose the selection, “Yes, his morality clauses for teachers in parochial schools defies the law.”

Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco

Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco

Judging from these responses, there is a significant measure of support for the archbishop, despite last week’s full-page ad from 100 “prominent Catholics” calling for Pope Francis to replace Archbishop Cordileone and accusing the Archbishop of encouraging “an atmosphere of division and intolerance.” The authors claimed to be “committed Catholics” following “the traditions of conscience, respect and inclusion upon which our Catholic faith was founded.”

Dr. Dan Guernsey, director of The Cardinal Newman Society’s K-12 education programs, strongly criticized the ad as a false display of tolerance that was, in fact, intended by its signers “to tell the Pope and the world that they will not tolerate or include and indeed soundly condemn the archbishop of San Francisco.” He wrote:

These “anti-bully” bullies are doing what bullies do. They are seeking to gain in their own social status and self-concept by belittling, shaming and humiliating someone outside their local social norm. As the authors admit, the social sexual norms in the Bay Area are completely supportive of sex outside of natural marriage. Those who control the culture are dead set on humiliating and eliminating anyone who would not fully support their power and the status quo.

Dr. Jamie Arthur, manager of The Cardinal Newman Society’s Catholic Education Honor Roll, found the poll results “reassuring” as they revealed the sizeable presence of “faithful Catholics who overwhelmingly have supported Archbishop Cordileone in his efforts to uphold the values of the Catholic Church.”

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One Response to Overwhelming majority in San Francisco support Archbishop Cordileone’s efforts: online poll

  1. kathleen says:

    It is heartening to see such a large percentage of Catholics vote in the opinion poll in support of Archbishop Cordileone’s valiant stance for Catholic orthodoxy. So far it stands at 87% of the voters (if you add the 77 + 10 % positive votes together) – but where is the voice of Pope Francis? Hopefully he will come out soon (when?) in his affirmation that Archbishop Cordileone is right in obeying the Church’s mandate, no more no less, to PREACH THE TRUTH of Catholic Doctrine… and demanding that the Catholic Educational system does the same.

    What I find hard to swallow is that it appears to have been well-to-do Catholics who first asked the Pope to dispose of +Cordileone – not those outside the Church!! Ouch!
    These so-called ‘Catholics’ who were offended by the Archbishop’s defence of Truth are just more of the “enemy-within-the-gates-disease” that we are seeing so much of now in Catholic matters around the globe – though far more virulently in the Western world. It is also perturbing to realise that they thought they would find an attentive ear with Pope Francis in their demand to remove the Archbishop for stating no more than the Church’s timeless teachings!!

    How good it would be to hear the Pope come forward and declare unequivocally to Archbishop Cordileone (and all the other faithful Cardinals, bishops, priests and prominent Catholic laymen) who are undergoing such persecution for their orthodoxy: “You have written and spoken well of the Lord Jesus Christ. You are a loyal son of the Church”! – (St. JP II’s words to Ven. Fulton Sheen.)

    Would this be too much to hope for? Or is it once again no more than wishful thinking?

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