To My Precious Children, from Your ‘Stay at Home’ Mum

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The Politics of Mothering & Liberating Motherhood

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So far, I have avoided the personal in my writing – preferring to focus on the political. But the personal is political. The maternal is political. And so it is fitting to write this today. The day before the nation goes to the polls to cast votes for parties who have no respect for family life, or the desire of children to have greater time with their parents, or the desire of many a parent to spend more time with their children; and on the day a person who denigrates mothering publishes a letter full of maternal sentiment – with no hint of irony.

Yes, the ‘businesswoman’ Katie Hopkins used HuffPost to write an open letter to her children in which, to the surprise of many on social media, she betrayed herself as human rather than some inflammatory wicked witch of the Tweets she has made herself out to be…

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A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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12 Responses to To My Precious Children, from Your ‘Stay at Home’ Mum

  1. Brother Burrito says:

    I cannot believe there are no ‘likes’ for this reblogged article. It is heartwarming to think there are mothers out there who think like this.

    Have I missed something? (Probably, says Toad).

  2. johnhenrycn says:

    But, Brother, CP&S no longer has a ‘like’ button. Either that, or the way to access it is only known to gnostics and freemasons. Same with smiley faces.

  3. Brother Burrito says:

    I have a ‘like’ button in my browser window, but then my computer is obsessively maintained, tweaked, and tinkered with.

    Which platform (PC, Mac, Linux) and browser (Chrome, IE, Safari, etc) are you using? You may need to clear your cache and cookies to restore full function. I do it all the time.

    Smiley faces are done by typing a : and a ) right next to each other like so 🙂

  4. Brother Burrito says:

    I just pressed the ‘Like’ button for proof, and it worked.

    I don’t ‘Like’ my own articles generally, as a rule. It just ain’t cricket.

  5. johnhenrycn says:

    Internet Explorer…but I don’t think it’s a problem peculiar to me, BB. I know how to make smileys, but have not been able to make one, nor (more significantly) have I seen anyone else’s smiley faces here for a few weeks now. I block all cookies and delete my browsing history frequently. And there really is no ‘like’ button, which cannot have anything to do with whatever web browser I use, can it?

  6. johnhenrycn says:

    BB (21:53) – as you can see, I just gave your comment a ‘thumbs up’, but what I mean by ‘like’ is to like the original post (not comments underneath it) and that function no longer exists for me.

  7. Brother Burrito says:

    I am at a loss to explain your problems JH. Sorry.

  8. johnhenrycn says:

    Okay, not important, but one last thing: can you see smileys recently, or can you see a row of ‘likes’ under the post? If you and others can, then it is obviously a problem peculiar to me.

  9. johnhenrycn says:

    Problem solved. I’ve switched to a new browser and the ‘like’ button and the smiley function are now operative again 😉

    God Bless

  10. mkenny114 says:

    I cannot believe there are no ‘likes’ for this reblogged article. It is heartwarming to think there are mothers out there who think like this.

    Amen. I found this article very heartwarming indeed. I am not a mother, but I am encouraged to see voices that are so unashamedly pro-traditional motherhood given an airing. Thank you BB 🙂

  11. kathleen says:

    “I cannot believe there are no ‘likes’ for this reblogged article.”

    Well, there are now BB! 🙂 I ‘liked’ the original article when I read it yesterday morning – and I really do – but I forgot to ‘like’ it here.

    I agree with everything this young mother says; there is truly no mission so beautiful and utterly fulfilling as to be a stay-at-home mother and enjoy the bringing up of your children yourself, missing none of their smiles or tears, being the one to witness their every new achievement, their every new discovery of this big wide world.
    I never saw what some would call the more tedious side of motherhood as demeaning or boring, but all rolled into one with the great joy and much laughter and fun it brought, it is something incomparably more valuable than any of the economic benefits an extra income would have brought into the family if I had gone back to work after having my children. With only one breadwinner, there were certain perks we had to do without, but how very insignificant these are in reality when compared to the precious time spent watching and guiding one’s own children as they grow up.

    My three sisters also gave up work when they started their families to be stay-at-home mums. One of them had a particularly good, well-paid job that she had enjoyed a lot, but she had no doubts that it would be physically and mentally impossible to do both things well (mothering and working) and she unselfishly put her five children first… and never regretted it either. The 14 children we have between us are all happy and well-balanced youngsters or young adults now, so we have been greatly blessed.


    “I don’t ‘Like’ my own articles generally, as a rule. It just ain’t cricket.”

    Nor do I BB (as I think you know). But this one here certainly deserves to be an exception! 😉

  12. toadspittle says:

    “Have I missed something? (Probably, says Toad).”

    Well, Burron, we may all have missed that there is no acknowledgement of God in this very touching piece. ..Don’t know if that’s good or bad.
    Can’t have been written by an Atheist, though.
    It’s too sensitive.

    Kathleen is right – I worked with one of the most successful women in journalism years ago, and she was constantly torn with guilt about her children that she didn’t see frequently enough. She was always wondering if it was worth it.
    But it takes all sorts, etc. – dunnit?

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