Laudato Si: first thoughts

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I think there must be more than one version of the Pope’s latest encyclical, Laudato Si! I do not have to hand the Communist/Marxist version, although I do have to hand the one that challenges me to rethink some of my assumptions; I do not have to hand the version which confirms what I already thought; although I do have the one which challenges what I think; I do not have to hand the one which agrees with the economic assumptions of Western politics, nor, indeed, the one which agrees with its social liberalism either. I have, instead, a very long document which presents me, and others, with a challenge. I cannot pretend to have digested its detail, especially its economic dimensions, but I see its broad message.

As neither a climate-sceptic, nor a true believer, I take no position on man-made global warming. I know a great…

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A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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6 Responses to Laudato Si: first thoughts

  1. Good thinking, Brother B.

  2. kathleen says:

    An interesting article about the Pope’s new encyclical, analysed by Chalcedon with his usual honesty and caution. I have not read Laudato Si yet (only snippets that have been quoted in various articles on the subject) though I am definitely of the opinion of those who question if an encyclical on the environment is really appropriate at this time of life in the Church, when we are being assailed by so many true enemies and attacks on the Faith.

    Talking of Laudato Si however, the excellent commenter (and co-author) of ‘Jessica Hof’s’ blog, Servus Fidelis makes these pertinent points about the document on their blog:

    “I’ll readily admit that we have become too consumerist and obsessed with stuff. However, I am the first to admit that people live longer, have better health care, are less poor than they ever were because of our technology. In the US, our air is cleaner than it was by far just 30 years ago as is our streams which are still in recovery but getting better by the year.
    The Pope rants against planting crops and ruining the biodiversity of the land though it is by planing crops like this that we have almost eliminated hunger around the world and that those who don’t get it are living under politically oppressive elites who are hoarding it for themselves. Either that or the UN people and money is not doing their job: for we have the technology to clean the water in the places he laments do not have any. Yet he is in bed with these worthless and incompetent nincompoops.”

    And adds:

    “What I’m saying is that the Pope is throwing out the baby with the bathwater. It is the technology of modern farming and medicine that is making life easier for everyone. If we make it more expensive or scarce it will hurt the poor more than anyone: the same people he purports to help.”

  3. geoffkiernan says:

    An encyclical dealing with climate change smells much like his, ‘the two most pressing evils today are Youth Unemployment and loneliness of the aged’….. Sorry but after that I find it hard to take the Holy Father seriously. Why oh why does he find it necessary to even comment on such a thing ……How’s this for more serious problems afflicting mankind and the Earth.
    The slaughter of millions of our most innocent by Abortion.
    The diabolical homosexual agenda overtaking society……..
    The crashing of attendance figures attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass ( Sunday Obligation).
    All he has done is put himself ‘in bed with worthless and incompetent nincompoops’
    We must continue to pray for the Holy Father and especially the Church.

  4. kathleen says:

    Well said Geoff!
    I agree absolutely with your list of far “more serious problems afflicting mankind and the Earth”, and I would add to it with these:
    – The spreading evil of secularism – and thus the growing hostility to Catholicism.
    – The ongoing brutal massacres of Christians in the Middle East and their expulsion from their homelands, by the satanical hatred of of the Islamic State (ISIL).
    – The lack of solid Catholic education and teaching (in schools, catechesis, homilies, etc.).
    – How to deal with ‘the enemy within’, i.e. Catholics, especially those members of the hierarchy, who preach and expound falsehoods and evil.

    Nope – “environment problems” are no where near the top of this list in the opinion of many Catholics!

  5. chalcedon451 says:

    Thank you for reposting here.

    It seems to me that the Holy Father is talking about a mindset. That mindset sees the planet’s resources and people as disposable, so whether it involves cutting down rain forests for short-term profit, or employing people on the lowest possible wages, for profit, or killing the unborn (out of which some people make a great deal of money) because they don’t ‘fit in with my lifestyle’, it comes from the same place. If you do not believe that there is any greater purpose in our being here, or, indeed, anything beyond your own selfish interests, then you will tend to maximise those and treat others as bit-players in your own life. From that mindset stem all the other evils listed here: deal with that, and you begin to deal with the root cause. The root cause is diagnosable as Original Sin.

  6. geoffkiernan says:

    “A mindset that sees the planets resources and people as disposable”, is a product, an end result of much deeper problems. So why not address the cause instead of the product?
    I feel we should first get ourselves ‘right with our God’ and then everything else will fall into place. What caused the ‘mindset’ in the first place? A people at peace with God and who know their place in the scheme of things will soon see climate problems melt away. It is mankind at odds with their God that is at the root of all Mans problems.
    The vicar of Christ on Earth should be the first to see that…

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